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Why Spectrum’s Oceana Collection Has It All!

If you know anything about me, you know I’m makeup obsessed and where you have makeup you need brushes. The only brand I’ve used for the last few years now is Spectrum Collections, and If you don’t know about them or haven’t used their products yet, then let me fill you in a little on what they do. 

Spectrum are no ordinary Brand, Sophie and Hannah who own and run the business are Sisters yes, but don’t be fooled, this is no ordinary family business. Together they are an absolute powerhouse, with their collections being sold everywhere from ASOS, Boots, Very, Amazon and Look Fantastic to name a few, not to mention their Mean Girls Collaborations. But its much more than this that makes Spectrum Unique, their attention to detail is incredible, every brush collection that they launch is breathtaking, they are always full of personality, feature bold, beautiful designs and are made from only the best vegan and cruelty free materials.

It doesn’t matter if your a beginner, intermediate or a professional makeup artist, there are brushes to suit everybody’s requirements (I should know I’ve tried pretty much all of them!). You don’t have to buy the collections either, you can also buy your brushes separately, which is perfect if you just want to top up on a few of your favourites.

There’s also the vegan brush shampoo, vegan soap and the starfish cleaning tool to help keep your brushes looking brand new, Oh and unlike some other brushes I’ve tried, when you wash your Spectrum ones they come out even better! 

Now let’s talk about the Oceana Collection because that’s what I’m really excited about!

When this collection launched, I’m not going to lie I might have squealed a little. I remember seeing it for the first time on Spectrum’s Insta Stories, top down, pink jeep cruising down the Ibiza highway to the golden sandy beaches, blue skies and turquoise seas for miles… Could it get any better? Apparently yes! Out pop the golden bronzed limbs of Han and Soph with the most gorg iridescent turquoise shimmering bags. For the next week they shimmied around Ibiza in true Spectrum Class showing the new Oceana Collection in all its Glory, Oceana Shell Handbag, Two Piece Makeup Bag, Wonder Sponge Bag, 5 Piece Eye Set and the 4 Piece Face Set. 

You can only imagine my absolute delight when a large Pink Box arrived about a week later, Oh and that’s the other thing about Spectrum. They are one of the most generous brands I have ever dealt with, there’s no note or letter of expectation to say “ if we gift you this, you must do…” (which can happen, does happen and for me is an instant no to working with someone) Never have I ever been asked for anything in return from Spectrum and I have been gifted a lot from this wonderful brand. 

I had been lucky enough to receive the Oceana Shell Handbag, the 5 piece Eye Set and the 4 piece Face Set.

The presentation as always with Spectrum was perfect, the products always come carefully packaged to ensure your gifts are not damaged. It was incredible to see a brand putting clearly marked recycling instructions on their labels, along with the manufacturing/ products details. This is exactly what we need. It makes things so much easier for the consumer at the other end, who like me, might be getting a few deliveries a week as well as your day to day packaging, so anything that makes recycling easier is always a bonus! 

Lifting the collection out, the bags did not disappoint, I mean let’s be honest, how often do you see something on Insta or the T.V order it and when it arrives it looks nothing like what you thought? Well not the Oceana Collection, the colours were shimmering just as much in the daylight. The handbag has a beautiful turquoise bag inside it, that doubles as a cosmetics bag when you need it and the quality is exactly what you’d expect from this brand. Both bags feel and look expensive, they compliment many different outfits. If your like me and you don’t want to look like everybody else walking down the street, then you need to buy your bags from Spectrum, Not only do you look incredible wearing them but you feel incredible! 

The cosmetics bag has been so useful for me, quite often I’m out in the car travelling between locations taking pictures or filming for the blog and  need a bag that can carry everything I use in my day but still Zip up, because some of our locations are remote, after all we do live and work in Scotland! This bag has taken it’s fair load over the past couple of months and still looks brand new, I’ve bought designer bags that have fallen apart with much less in, so if your on the hunt for a new bag then be quick I think there’s still a couple left.

The brushes which come in their own wee clutch shaped case, which is made from PU can be re-used to either continuing to carry them or store your makeup, jewellery, sunglasses whatever you need. 

In the 5 Piece Eye Set you get the following brushes :

B06 – Tall Tapered Blender

B07 – Luxe Crease Blender

A07 – Applying Colour

A12 –  Fluffy Pencil

A16 –  Precision Crease

The 4 Piece Face set includes :

B01 – Buffing Foundation for Liquid or Cream

C03 – Tulip Application Brush for Powder or Bronzer

A05 –  Angled Brush for Contour or Blush

B08 – Magic Wand For Highlighter or Setting Powder

The handles of the brushes are made in the same turquoise, iridescent design as the bags which looks incredible, such a unique design. The bristles are actually turquoise too which I love because it’s so much easier to keep them looking clean, there’s nothing worse than a light brush head if you’re using pigmented eyeshadow as they always leave a cast regardless of how well you clean them.

The brushes are so soft and the makeup just glides on using them. Once you have tried applying your eye makeup with some Spectrum brushes you’ll never want to use another brush. You don’t realise how much pigment you lose from using the wrong brushes. I’ve found since using them my makeup has lasted longer and my application technique has also improved. The other really important point about any of the Spectrum brushes I’ve found, is that it doesn’t matter how may times they are used, washed and re-used the bristles never come away from the brush head, fall out or lose their quality. I use my brushes often and wash them every other day so if anyone was going to get a good test of this it’s me. I’ve had Morphe brushes fall apart, Iconic London bristles come out after a few washes and just recently a Real Techniques brush head fell off because the glue wasn’t solidified enough to keep the head attached to the base.  None of these brushes are cheap and I would expect more from each of those brands so when I’m reviewing a product or products for you I’m only ever going to give you the best of the best and to me that’s Spectrum.

I think out of all my Spectrum Collections ‘Collections’ so far this has a special place in my heart, just because it is so different, it feels timeless and I know I’m going to get lots of use out of the bags even in the Autumn/Winter months. 

Have you tried any of the Spectrum Sets? I’d love to know.

T x

Oceana Collection is Available here Spectrum Collections 

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