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How to Wash your Clothes the green way & without the plastic waste

While the the big soap manufacturers dress up their reductions in plastic or their reduced packaging, here we are in 2021 and yes their packaging is still, well Plastic. These big companies like to suggest and announce big improvements and reductions, but they also tend to drop these initiatives shortly after the media reporting has served its purpose.

At their current rates of plastic reductions, they’ll still be using plastic 10 generations from now, so we can’t really rely on them to get their act together alone.

Voting with our shopping budgets is the only way, and now couldn’t be a better time.

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We’ve been personally frustrated by this issue for years and even more so when you compare prices. While lots of people would like to switch, they say their reasons for not doing so has been cost and convenience.

While prices have been pretty high on ethical alternatives in recent years and supplies have been unreliable, these issues are finally a problem of the past, with prices becoming much more reasonable and supplies being easier to find than ever.

So if we want to reduce the plastic we use when washing our clothes, and we want to do it affordably, how do we do it?

Our personal favourite alternative is Tru Earth Laundry Strips which is not only affordable, but cuts down on plastic waste altogether, takes up very little space and washes better than everything else we’ve tried too.

Washing just couldn’t be simpler than with these strips.

  • Inside each packet you’ll find squares that are perforated down the middle creating two individual strips, so absolutely no measuring required.
  • Chuck your single strip into the washing machine drum.
  • Then add your clothes
  • Switch your machine to your preferred setting (we wash at 30) and thats it!

Tru Earth Eco-Strip washing detergents are hypoallergenic, vegan friendly and Paraben-free and are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, so no worries here either.

Once your carboard envelope is empty, simply chuck it in your cardboard recycling!

There are 3 different pack types, Baby, Fragrance Free and Fresh Linen, each with differing amounts with options of 32, 64 or 384 strips available depending on what you need. We buy the 64 strip packs.

Conclusion 8 Weeks in (Not Sponsored)

We don’t like to write reviews on products we haven’t had the time to test fully, but now we’ve been using these tabs for a couple of months, we can safely say they work, bringing all our clothes out looking and smelling really clean, fresh and extra soft even after hanging outside on the line.

All but the toughest stains seem to come out with the Fragrance Free version we’ve been testing and that’s far better than the standard liquid laundry detergents and other eco products we’ve used up until trying these strips. For the toughest stains we suggest trying the new Platinum Versions or having a stain remover on hand (we’re looking into eco stain removers for a later review)

If your worrying about bits of strips stuck in your washer drum, don’t. The Strips completely dissolve in each wash no matter the length or type of wash.

We spotted a single bad review in Amazon mentioning tabs sticking to clothes, we’ve not had this issue, but that’s probably because we followed the instructions and put the strip into the washer drum first and then the washing. This way the water dissolves the strip at the start of the wash cycle.

All in all we’ve had no issues and extremely clean clothes. These are now a firm favourite and we’ll continue using the Tru Earth Laundry Strips from now on. A well deserved our 5 star rating!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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