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Why Beached…?

Here are a couple of images of me wearing the Beached 'Rays For Days' as a bronzer. This is such a natural look for me as it's such a beautifully light product.

It’s funny when you’ve been doing this ‘Blogging’ thing for a while you get PR and Gifted product offers all the time. I’ve always been really particular about the brands I work with, let’s just say I have a process. I knew the minute Meg, the Brains, Beauty and Genius behind Beached Beauty  reached out to me, that I wanted to work with them. This is a brand that cares about the planet, cares about animals, uses natural ingredients and is all about natural beauty. Not to mention the fact that talking to Meg is like chatting with an old friend, she’s warm, funny and genuinely interested in your  thoughts and opinions which is really refreshing. 

I was gifted their ‘Rays For Days’ product which is a natural bronzing serum, perfect for even the palest of complexions (me basically!). It’s packed full of 99% natural goodness and bursting with ingredients like grape juice extract, to help with anti wrinkle and anti ageing, then there’s the Aussie plums, Illawarra and Burdekin, which are said to help protect and shield against free radicals, and not forgetting the Kakadu plum, which is supposed to contain the highest natural source of Vitamin C in the world. It’s said to be 100 times more than an orange. These are only a few of the incredible ingredients you are putting on your face every time you use this bad boy!

The minute ‘Rays’ arrived and I used it for the first time I knew it was going to be a firm favourite of mine, I took a couple of drops added it to my moisturizer and worked it into my skin. That day my skin felt incredible, glowing, hydrated, refreshed and this beautiful sun kissed bronze tone lasted all day long.

The next day it was time to switch it up, so I decided to use a large fan brush, add a tiny amount of oil for slip (and glow) applying the Rays For Days all over my highpoints, chin and nose as if I was contouring and bronzing. The effect was incredible! Honestly it gave me the most beautifully defined cheekbones, but without lines or a ‘muddy shadow’ which can happen so easily, especially when you are as fair as me. I got so many compliments wearing it this way I actually made a tutorial video for instagram. 

I am also loving, now that we are into the Autumnal months, that just by adding a little drop to my foundation it gives a beautiful glossy look. It works especially well if you have a foundation which is a little more matte than you’d like as this will help to thin it out and give it a fresher, glowier look. 

The great thing about ‘Rays’ is that you need such a small amount as it is so concentrated which makes it great value for money. £22.95 for 45ml is a really great price I think, considering the ingredients and packaging. I know what your thinking, it’s easy for me to say as mine was gifted but I would, and definitely will be keeping a stock of this in my cupboard. 

I would highly recommend checking Beached Beauty and their products out, specifically this one and if you do let me know what you think as I’d love to hear your thoughts too.

T x

Beached Rays For Days 

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