If you’re interested in products that have a lower impact on our environment, and enjoy reading and learning about items that will provide a lower impact lifestyle, without all the preaching, then this Blog is for you.

We all interact with lots of different products from the minute we open our eyes to moment we fall asleep, so this blog will cover everything too and with a wide range in pricing to suit all budgets.

From everyday items, beauty and skincare to ethical fashion, electric vehicles and home improvements, we’re constantly on the look out for quality, affordable, ethical and responsible alternatives.

Hover your mouse over the “All Posts” menu and you’ll see a list of Categories appear, you can either click on these to see all the articles in their category or you can also hover over any of these with an arrow next to them to see the more specific categories options.

We also update this blog with the latest news and articles on these subjects too, so you’ll find a good mixture in all of our categories.

A note on our Independence

While we all have to earn a living, we pride ourselves on our Independence and the trust our viewers and readers put in us, so we simply won’t entertain companies who expect false reviews for money or products.

If we are fortunate enough to be given free samples, loaned a product or paid to create content for a business our reviews and content will always be truthful and independent.

Its simple, we’ll only work with a company, business or brand if the company and products meet our ethical and responsible views and we think we’ll like the products and the business too. It’s not all about the big multinational players either, we’re really keen to work with and support new smaller brands too, so if that’s you, get in touch!

That’s the same if your one of our readers, if you think we’ve missed a great product, brand or company, please don’t be afraid to get in touch. Who knows, maybe you can tell us about brands we haven’t stumbled across yet!

Tracy & Neil


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