img_0083_650I’m a 38 year old Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger / Vlogger based in the UK.
I personally believe in only using cruelty free makeup and beauty products, but I will Never preach!
Fashion for me is a massive love and if I’m not looking at or buying it, I’m probably thinking about it!

I will personally never buy Real Fur or Leather and my purchases will always be from as ethically sourced places as possible. There will always be lots of High Street stores in there too as I am a big fan!

When it comes to the Vlogging and Beauty Tutorials it’s all about creating looks that will be suitable for ALL age ranges, but, obviously ‘Age Appropriate’ for myself (I mean I know I’m not 18 anymore!)

My main message I suppose, is that Beauty doesn’t have to cost the earth. We can all look and feel great no matter what age we are and I want to help people discover new ways and products to achieve this!

Please explore my menu above to see my blog & videos or simply to find out more.

I hope you enjoy all my accounts,

Love T x 💋