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47 Skin – What Makes Their Skincare Different?

Who is 47 Skin?

They are a fairly young UK based Skincare brand that wants to make a difference in our marketplace, Not just in skincare and its ingredients but in the way in which its produced. Their sustainability policy is one that I admire very much, Often when I receive products to test and review This is one of the first things I look at. It’s so refreshing to see a company, especially one in its infancy, starting as they mean to go on, with packaging made from environmentally friendly materials, All the dispensers are made from glass in order to reduce plastic use with a hope to be using ocean friendly plastic in the near future. As if that wasn’t enough, All their products can be washed out and re- filled……



What Products Did I Test……? 

They currently have four products for sale on their website, I was lucky enough to be sent The Silver Chitosan Regenerative Serum 30ml. This claims to Reverse Environmental Damage, Promote Healing of UV damage to skin, Soften the look of Scars no matter how old, Create a Protective Barrier and Help the skin cells on the surface of the skin Regenerate.

What magic ingredient is going to achieve all of this? I can hear you asking…

Well it was actually by pure accident that a scientific expedition came across a new formula, which consisted of mixing Chitosan (originates in Shellfish) with a small piece of Silver which created this incredible new ingredient with antibacterial and healing properties. This is now what 47 Skin are using with all of their skincare products.

My Thoughts On Silver Chitosan Regenerative Serum…?

This product has been perfect at slotting into my skincare routine along with my other serums. It’s light, there’s no strong, offensive smell. I found that I only needed the smallest amount to cover both my face and neck. As you should probably know by now, if I’m testing and reviewing skincare then I’m going to give it a good month or so before I review, however after just a week of using this Day and night I could already see a benefit. My skin seems brighter somehow, the small orange ‘lupus’ rash marks that I’ve had on my right cheek and right side of my nose seem paler. After I apply the product the rest of my skincare goes on beautifully, my face feels almost tighter somehow but not in an uncomfortable This is giving me a reaction type way! No, more like you’ve had a really great facial and granted that part only lasts for a few hours but it makes your make up application look incredible!

I am definitely excited to keep using this Serum and see where I am with the continued results in another month or so, I will check back in and update you.

In the mean time if your in the market for something exciting, a really great all-rounder that’s a little bit different “This” is it, I know you wont be disappointed.

Check out 47 skin Here:

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