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You know exactly what I am talking about, Don’t you?! Everyone who has anything to do with this Social Media lifestyle has probably had feelings of insta-fear, insta-loss, insta-failure I mean the list goes on.

I’m not going to go on about the way the Algorithm works because we all know, I’m not going to talk about how unfair it is because, honestly? Life’s unfair so that’s not even a thing.

No, this article for me is about the realisation that we are allowing this to happen. That’s right it’s not really down to those few thousand strangers locked in an air conditioned office somewhere just doing their jobs, you know who I mean.

Like everyone else in this social media circus, I’ve been happily posting and building my wee account gradually. In comparison to most I’m still a newbie, I’ve only been around for about 18months, but over that time I have enjoyed growing my Socials and building some pretty strong friendships along the way. When I started out I was so clear on what I was looking to achieve, what my message was and then I found myself in this haze, it was like a daily pressure to make sure I posted on insta.

When I say post, I just mean posted something. I found myself feeling pressured to have content regardless of whether I was happy with the overall feel of it. Some of my content I had shot months earlier but hadn’t posted it because I wasn’t happy with it, it wasn’t up to my standard but yet I’m using it now?!

Then comes in the dreaded “likes” game of Russian Roulette after you post, because let’s be honest that’s exactly what it feels like! I used to do pretty well with my like/comment ratio but now this was actually a bit of a joke. Honestly, getting to the point where you’re posting a photo you don’t really care about then feeling almost sick because probably no-one is going to see it let alone like it, Is this really me?

This for me was a massive wake up call. I think it was in this moment I realised that Insta-insanity was actually a thing and I was living it!

Taking back control for me is simple, I just had to break it down as if I was setting up my account from scratch.

It’s all about reminding myself that people that follow me do it because they love what I post, they’re  interested in my view, my thoughts and style NOT because I post EVERY night at 7pm on the dot without fail. They want variety and spontaneity not a regimented routine of mediocre posts.

There is no creativity in posting the same thing just in a slightly different way over and over again.

I decided that If I didn’t have the time to put into creating a great photo for my feed then I just wasn’t going to post that day, I know it’s sounds scary but no more than starting the account in the first place.

This is exactly what I do now, And I haven’t felt this free in a long time.

I can honestly say that I did get washed away in this insta-insanity. The kicker is I actually thought I was more intelligent than to let something so superficial affect me so deeply, to control me and my whole day but it did. You know what though, it has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence, this is all about control and management. I am someone who likes to be in control, whether it’s making decisions about my Day, Money, Style, Time. Once you realise this you can take your control back, run your account, post your photo’s, upload when you want and most of all be free of insta-insanity!

The people that love your feed, that follow you because your authentic and original will still be there because you’re not conforming and the likes will follow……

Thanks for Reading,

Love T x


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