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Lets Talk about Brushes Baby lets talk about Malachite Baby….

Yes I know that’s not the words to the song but honestly, When I get my Spectrum Collection brushes out I can’t help but start singing to myself! If you’ve ever had the sheer joy of holding one in your hand or gently buffing your foundation into your skin with one of the iconic B02 brushes then you’ll know exactly what I’m chirping about. If you haven’t then sit back, relax, grab A cuppa, glass of wine or Gin, whatever floats your boat and read on. I promise you by the end of this You’ll be wanting every single collection!


I am very lucky to have been sent a few of the collections for Spectrum, but today I want to talk to you about their newest one from the Crystal Chic range, the Malachite 10 piece Collection. It comprises of Two Make up Bags, One which is a large bag – great for travel as you could get your straightners, haircare, brushes or large make up palettes in. It’s big enough to fit my Morphe 3502 palette in which isincredible!

The smaller Make up Bag still has plenty of room, One thing I want to point out about these bags,which is easily overlooked but actually a massive bonus, They are shaped wider towards the base which allows you to get larger products at the bottom of the



This is such a massive plus for me, usually my make up bags are rammed full, half zipped and I’ve still only got half my products in there! The detailing on the bags has not been forgotten about either, Nope not here! They scream luxury, from the beautiful gold zip detailing ( and they are not cheap either) with soft pink delicate velvet detailing, Spectrum embossed in a small Gold plate , with beautiful malachite satin to finish the edges off and pull the whole look together.



You would normally get the 10 piece brush collection, however I got the 5 piece  Brush collection which is made up of the Face brushes. I am beyond happy about this because these have to be some of the best face brushes ever designed. Honestly I was always pretty good at applying my make up and that’s not me being big headed I’ve just had lots of years practice! But when I used the Spectrum B01 and B02 face brushes for the first time my foundation game changed there and then. I honestly went from a 6.5 to a 10. The application you get from these brushes is like no other, it’s smooth, it’s evenly blended. You can build layers really gently and beautifully. They allow you to have the confidence in what you are creating.

Now you’re probably reading this thinking, How can a set of brushes possibly give you all of this? Aren’t they all the same? What’s different between them and the £9.99 set I can buy that look just like them on ebay? Ok, I will tell you from my perspective. I’ve used cheap brushes and they might start out looking and feeling great, They might even wash great the first couple of times but they don’t last. The glue disintegrates with each wash, the hairs fall out and they usually fall apart. I never got a smooth, even Layer of foundation with them either and I always thought it was my primer or my moisturiser was too heavy for my foundation…. Never did I think it was my brushes!

I also think it’s important to mention that the Spectrum ranges are all perfect for people (like me) that have issues with holding things, grip and sensitivity/loss of feeling. I obviously have lost the sensation in my right hand side and pretty much all of my movement and judgement comes from sight. I’ve just learnt over the years ways to manage it and make up application has played a huge role in it. When choosing brushes this is really important and the Spectrum ranges are All really well balanced, they all are about the same width at a certain point. All the face brushes feel roughly the same weight as do the the Eye brushes so they are great for quickly and easily getting used to. So if you are someone that has any of these issues or you know of someone that has this kind of problem then I’d definitely recommend the Spectrum ranges as brands often overlook these problems.

The other really important selling point for me with Spectrum is their ethical values, not only are ALL their products Cruelty Free and Vegan but they are trying to do as much as they can as a brand to give back to the Planet, This collection gives 1% of the revenue of each set sold to Environmental Charities. I mean they are just incredible.

The price of the Full Collection with the 10 piece brush set is £79.99 and in this you get the 2x Make up Bags, B02, A01, A04, A03, A10, B06, B04, A06, A13, A24.

Please let me know your thoughts, do you use Spectrum, What do you think? I’d love to know… Love T. x

Crystal Chic – Malachite 10 Piece Collection

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