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Winter Wonderland…….

Wonderland Makeup

Wonderland has such a beautiful collection of products. Each item comes in beautiful crisp black and white packaging that would look great on any shelf or in any makeup bag. 

I quite honestly could go mad on their eye pigments as they have such a beautiful collection to choose from. Today I’m going to tell you about a few of their products I’ve been reviewing for the last couple of weeks.

I was lucky enough to be sent out the Studio Finish Primer to test and review. This product is very much like the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in the way it feels, applies and the texture it leaves on the skin for your makeup to adhere to. It’s not a tacky primer, it’s definitely more  smoothing which is perfect if you have fine lines like me. There’s no scent which is perfect,  

because I can’t put anything perfumed or scented near my face. I have used this primer now under most of my favourite foundations and haven’t had a bad reaction with any of them. I’d Definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re in the market for a new one, I think you’ll be just as Surprised as I was!

Primer £15.00

The second product I want to tell you about is the Loose Eye Pigment pots, Obsessed! is the word that springs to mind. Firstly the packaging, these little pots are glass which I love because there’s weight to them which means you’re not going to knock them over so easily. The lids are in the same black and white style as the rest of the collection. But for me this biggest win for this little pot design is the  stopper on the top of the pigment pot, Genius! You get out the amount you want without being covered in the stuff.I know you’re probably thinking ‘Why is that even important?’ trust me if you’d spent days trying to get glitter off your hands, jumpers and eyebrows you’d understand. I’m usually covered in the stuff after unwrapping it! As for the pigment itself, well you’ll just have to try it. I’m hooked especially as you don’t need to use a fixing product like you do with glitter. It’s not messy at all, I tried it after applying my full face of foundation and the fallout was minimal.The application was so simple, I just used a small detailing brush and applied it directly onto my lid.The colour payoff was stunning! I will definitely be purchasing more colours to try myself and add to the collection.

Pigment £6.50

The last product I had to review was their Cheeky Nail Polish. Now I’m usually pretty skeptical about Nail Polish. I find it difficult to find any that don’t chip after 2-3 days, regardless of claiming they will last up to 7-10. So I always do the same test on each one I buy. Apply two coats without a bottom and top coat then see how long it takes for the first nail to chip. This is exactly what I did with this polish. I found that even one application gave me good coverage and a lovely gel like sheen on my nails, after applying the second coat my nails looked like I’d had a gel manicure. It didn’t apply streaky or have bubbles in the varnish. To my surprise the nail varnish latest 6 days without chipping ( bear in mind no top coat ) which I think is pretty good. I am now testing it with a top and bottom coat and will update you with my results!

Nail Polish £6.00

All in all when it comes to Wonderland Makeup I am really impressed with their products. I’ve only tried a very small selection of their collection so far and will definitely be trying out more. I would recommend you go and check them out and see if there’s anything there you like the look of, If you do let me know in the comments below or on any of my other channels as I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions.

You can buy their products by clicking here : Wonderland

Thanks for Listening and I Hope you enjoyed the Review,

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Love IP. x

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