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Skinkissed..Is It All Bottle & No Results?!

Anyone that knows me or follows me has a fair idea that I’m pretty obsessed with my skincare. I haven’t always been this way but when I hit my 20’s I soon realised that my wonderful, bouncy, Elasticated, Crease free skin was not going to last forever.

Funnily enough it was about this time I was also diagnosed with a medical condition which means that I’m unable to go into the Sunlight(both UVA & UVB) I have to admit this was a massive frustration to begin with, I was a Sun worshiper, but in the long run it’s actually done me a huge favour, the lack of sun has meant my skin has stayed a lot healthier and younger looking than it would have done had I been out every single day.
This is when I started to really look into how I could help my skin, what was I missing from not being in sunlight and could I replace it in other ways with serums, oils, moisturizer and face masks. This was the beginning of my journey…….

I am now nearly 40 years old and although my concerns are still much the same, preserve my skin, stay out of the UV, I’m obviously now thinking a lot about Anti-ageing.
This is probably my biggest focus. I have a pretty good routine made up of about seven to eight different products and every now and again I am asked to review or try out a product to see what I think. This is where I should mention that I don’t try out EVERY single product offered to me. My skin is super sensitive and I can easily upset the balance of it, I only ever introduce one new product at a time this way I can see the benefits or the issues with it.

This time it was Skinkisseduk’s Vitamin C Serum.
Now I was pretty excited about this one because I love using Vitamin C for my skin, I find that it works great as not just skin care but also as a makeup base and highlighter. The only thing is there are so many out there on the market that you have to be so careful you’re getting a genuine Serum and not ‘oil’ based product.

My little parcel arrived and first off I was over the moon.It wasn’t packaged in a huge box, with loads of unnecessary packaging that there’s just no need for, now you might not think this is a huge deal but for me it matters, I am very much for companies that are thinking about our environment and how they can make a difference.
The bottle itself is a sleek little black glass bottle with a pipet which makes it really easy to access the exact amount of drops you want for your face. I actually prefer this method, especially with the serums as its far more hygienic and its stops so much waste.

The serum itself is actually Vitamin C with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, which is a mix I have never had before. There is a faint smell of rose coming through which is quite nice. Some of the skin care serums and oils you get through can include some pretty dodgy smelling creations, trust me I’ve tried a few!
The Serum itself is not too thick or gloopy it’s just fluid enough to drop onto your fingers or the palm of your hand without running off and going everywhere, I need roughly 2-3 drops to warm up in my hands and then I just pat it gently across my face.
I have been concentrating mostly on the Forehead area, under the eyes, around the lips, smile lines and neck.
Using it morning and night after my misting spray, I have noticed that you do get an instant “blurring and smoothing” effect on the skin. Now at first I wasn’t that surprised by this because most serums containing VitC ,Hyaluronic Acid or Collagen have that style of short-term effect and then it’s gone until you re-apply.
However, it turns out that Skinkissed wasn’t one of them, in fact after only a week I was starting to see small changes in specific problem areas on my forehead especially.
This I am both genuinely shocked and excited about. It’s so refreshing to use something that actually does what it says it’s going to do!

It also makes a perfect base for makeup. There is no creasing and your makeup does not go cakey or begin to slide off halfway through the day, it genuinely keeps it looking fresh, glowing and lasting all day long. I love the effect it gives mine especially when I want to wear a ‘No Makeup, Makeup Look”.

(photo below – Me with Daily Makeup Look, No Filters, No Photoshop, No-Retouching You can see all my lines and pores if you go close enough! I’ve used the Serum first as Base)


I think all in all for me this is hands down the best VitaminC/Hyaluronic Acid Serum I have reviewed so far. It has given me the best results, I have seen a massive improvement in areas of my skin that I believed would or could never be fixed “organically” and honestly, I’m just not a Botox kinda girl. I would love to use it for 6 months and come back and give you another update because I think the results would be fantastic!

As for Value for money, well one bottle costs you £29.95 or you can buy 2 for £53.95 or 3 for £76.95 and my wee bottle was used Night and Day – Sometimes twice in the day for Makeup and is about to run out after 3 months. I think that’s pretty good going.

I would definitely recommend trying this Serum out, even if you’re not at the stage of having fine lines yet, this little magic potion is going to ensure that your skin stays in as best shape as possible. Think of it like the best and most important investment you are ever going to make, this is your skin. We all get House Insurance, Mobile Phone Insurance, Breakdown Insurance, Well this is Skin Insurance and if you don’t buy into it you’ll kick yourself!

Skinkissed – Buy Here and Read all the other Reviews!

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