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Jacquemus – L’Amore 2021 The Most Dreamy Runway….

I don’t follow many designers or have a huge desire to purchase their collections as soon as They hit the runway but Simon ( the genius behind Jacquemus) has this incredible talent of knowing exactly what I want and need.

The L’Amore 2021 fashion show was mesmerizing, I’m sure it wasn’t easy making the decision to hold it in the midst of Covid. However like everything Jacquemus it was done with style, elegance, grace and pure genius! The whole thing was streamed live from the wheatfields in Paris where they created their bespoke runway. I can honestly say I have never watched anything so incredible in my life, the backdrop of the piercing blue French skyline with the yellow of the wheatfields was just breathtaking. The models looked as they were floating down this runway one by one.  

If you asked me why Jacquemus? What makes his designs so special? I’d have to say it’s a combination, the fabrics, the way they drape across the body, the construction, the cut and folds and  beautiful tones. There is also a real sensualness in his creativity and designs which comes across in every piece.

I have to admit my current obsession is with the Jacquemus mini bag collection. They are just 

Stunning and come in the most beautiful shades, as well as an array of different sizes to suit your outfit needs. I am currently saving to buy some of my favourites ( above) as for me they are a great investment piece. I think it’s good to have a “wish list” a few products that you

Know your working towards buying for your capsule wardrobe. The only problem I have here is how do I pick from this current collection!? Seriously there are just too many beautiful options..

Do you own any Jacquemus? Is there anything you would like for the collection?

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