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Brew Dog – THE Independent Scottish Sustainable Beer Brewery that grows Trees?

Now that’s some title, and it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it, but its all true.

Brew Dog is a Scottish Company, with two Scottish Founders that started an Independent Brewery, creating Sustainable Craft Beers, oh and they are also planting and growing a forest too!

Lets give you a brief idea of what they’re all about and if you choose to, how you can get involved too. (Offer Ends 28th Jan 2021!)

BrewDog the beginning 2007

Back in 2007 Martin & James (Pictured above) both 24yrs old decided they hated the mass produced beer that was available at the time and they wanted something better.

Unable to find what they were looking for and probably having tried quite a few by now, they have a Eureka moment and decide to just make their own.

Now we’re not talking two young fellas brewing in the garage here. These two decide to lease a building in Fraserburgh, and get some scary bank loans to buy lots of stainless steel to start making some hardcore craft beers on a relatively small scale. And that was it, Brew Dog was Founded in April 2007.

Initially they brewed in tiny batches, filling bottles by hand and selling all they made at local markets, out the back of their battered old van.

2008 arrives and they feel things are going well, they go back to the bank and ask for more funding to get some more professional equipment. Their next masterstroke… to create the UK’s strongest ever beer, which they eventually called Tokyo.

This works fantastically and creates a huge media storm, but it also results in The Portman Group pretty much banning all their beers. But that doesn’t stop Brew Dog, instead they started exporting to Sweden, Japan and America.

By 2009 Brew Dog are the fastest alternative Beer Brand and they launch Equity for Punks.

Equity for Punks was a ground-breaking first, offering people the opportunity to buy shares in BrewDog online. Over 1,300 invested and their anti-business, business model was born.

But thats not all, Brew Dog have been busy since those early days. They now produce upwards of 80 different beers, sell their beer all over the world, run their own pub group and have even opened a the worlds first craft beer Hotel!

Not content with simply turning their industry upside down, they’ve also done something more by staying true to their ethics and thinking about their environment.

Brew Dog have been pushing limits since the start and if you’d like to know more about their history i’ll add a link at the bottom of this post.

Roll forward to 2020 and Brew Dogs Equity for Punks came back.

Equity for Punks Tomorrow is a radically different type of share offering; a share offering where every single penny you invest goes towards building a more sustainable future for all of us.
Brew Dog believe that the most sustainable businesses are going to be the ones who will prosper long term, so by investing heavily in sustainability, they believe they can grow strongly, and add significant value to
your investment too and all while doing great things for the planet.

BrewDog was born in 2007 with a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. Fast forward
to today, they now employ 1,600 people, and are one of the world’s leading craft breweries with operations in over 50 countries.

Their mission has also evolved to include their ambition to become the
world’s most sustainable beer business. And with your help, they plan to do just that.

We know times are tough, but we love the idea of investing in our future and the future of the planet, by funding the planting of new trees.

So if like us you can spare £50 as a minimum, then forget the financials and associated risks of investments etc and look at it as a charitable investment in your future.

Think of your £50 going towards your own tree and actually making a difference by reducing CO2 and then enjoy the other Perks that brewdog offer as part of your investment.

If you would like to view the Prospectus or simply get involved with Equity for Punks click this link and help them plant more trees. This offer is only open until 28th January 2021 so don’t wait around.

Brew Dog History

All BrewDog images are Copyright of BrewDog. Image Source

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