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Next – My Best Kept Secret!


I know what you’re thinking, Next is a great place it has some incredible brands for clothing but as far as makeup and skincare goes is it really worth ordering from?

Well if you’d asked me this question 18 months ago I would probably have said No, purely for the same reason.

I have been a customer of Next since before 2004 (Yes I’m actually ancient!) and through this time it has been a lifeline for me, now I know that sounds really dramatic but when you can’t visit the shops because the lighting makes you ill or your too sick to leave the house because your disease won’t let you get out of bed, then you rely on places like Next to keep life normal.

I know I used the ‘Normal’ word but it’s true, We had two kids that needed school uniforms, shoes and bags constantly not to mention when they’d come home from school with a ripped shirt or knackered shoe and you needed a replacement for the next day – But you can’t go out. ‘Who you gonna call?’ … Next!

So fast forward to now and I can not only order the Sustainable clothing brands that I love from Next like Boden, Mint Velvet, Oliver Bonas, All Saints, Hill & Friends and many more but I can also get all the CrueltyFree Beauty and Skincare brands that I love straight to my door. 

I am talking Ren Skincare, Bareminerals, The Ordinary, Sarah Chapman, Dermatalogica, Murad, Origins, Pixi and so many more! The great thing too is that there is often a Next Beauty Box that you can get your hands on for about £18 which gives you the opportunity to test the waters with some of these brands before committing. 

I had no clue just how many Ethical brands were available on Next and I think that’s true for a lot of people.

It’s funny in a sense an online shopping service that brings everything to your door is the the thing that gave me a sense of freedom back and made me feel independent. Your probably thinking, well there’s loads of places out there that you can just order from directly, Doesn’t that give you the same thing? What makes Next so special?

The first reason that I love Next is because I can pay £20 which gives me unlimited Next Day  deliveries and collections to and from my doorstep.

The second is that my purchases are added to my account, just until I know they are right for me.This is like going out to the shops and trying your clothes on in the changing rooms before buying, Well this gives me the same option. 

The third reason is one I’ve already touched on, their commitment to becoming a better more Sustainable brand. I think it’s important when brands are making an effort we should highlight the good that they’re doing. It’s important to remember It’s not always about instant grande changes because they don’t often last. As a sustainable blogger I’m far more interested in the ongoing changes that are being put into place for the future and if you read the Corporate Responsibility pages you’ll see just how committed they are.

Corporate Responsibility

The fourth is that Brands like Next are Hugely important to disabled people like myself, When you have all of your independence taken away from you it’s life changing, especially if your anything like me and being a strong, determined, independent woman is hugely important to you. Options like this help make you feel like your still ‘You’. When all the other day to day things are no longer within your control, and your scrabbling for pieces of yourself to hold on to, it’s nice to be able to order your clothes. So what if someone has to help you to try them on when they arrive? You can pick your makeup and enjoy doing it along with skincare, shoes, fragrance, accessories knowing you managed it all!

I’d love to know if you order from Next? What are your thoughts?

T x

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