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BEE GOOD – NectaPerfecta Mask

I first stumbled across Bee Good products when I went down to Nottingham to stay for a Wedding, We booked into this really beautiful hotel and in the bathrooms we found the most incredible little products from a company called ” Bee Good ” I was genuinely blown away at that point, normally you don’t get products of that standard – Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap etc just given out in your Hotel Room. I of course instructed my family to collect all such products and give them to me as I would be testing them out….. Needless to say I loved them!

So when I was contacted and asked if I would like to try out a few delights from this amazing brand I jumped at the chance. I had no idea I was going to get their new incredible NectaPerfecta Beautifying face mask.

I want to start by saying that this company’s attention to detail knows no bounds, their packaging is designed beautifully and straight away when you open this product you get a sense of luxury. The mask comes in a glass jar with the lid having their beautiful bee logo imprinted in gold onto it which is a lovely touch.

The mask itself is a multi-purpose mask and can be used for a Hand Treatment weekly, Cuticle Treatments, a Scalp Treatment if you have a dry scalp or similar issues. Then there’s the Facial treatments which vary greatly, you can use it like a normal face mask for up to 15 mins or 60 sec flash facial as a booster to your skincare routine say if you’ve got a special event but don’t have time. Then there’s the 60 min at home facial and the 20 min SOS mask. One I’m particularly keen on is that You can also leave it on your feet overnight to soften and prep them for those sandal wearing days coming up after having been hidden in winter boots all these months!

What’s in this mask….? Well obviously British wildflower honey, Beeswax, Jojoba, 20190425_155436Mimosa and Sunflower which are all natural waxes that lock in hydration. Wheatgerm and Camelina which are plant oils rich in Vitamin E for skin elasticity and suppleness. Orange, Lemon and Bilberry which are all natural hydroxy fruit acids and will gently exfoliate and minimise the appearance of fine lines.Then there’s Proplis to purify and Bisabolol to balance and calm and hormonal imbalances.

***There’s a full list on their website of all ingredients.

What Are My Thoughts….?

I’ve been using the Nectaperfecta mask now for about 3 weeks, twice weekly. It’s funny actually up until about 12 months ago I wasn’t really a big “masker” but now I’m obsessed with them.

I noticed when I first opened the jar to use the mask the beautiful smell, not overpowering just fresh like Summertime in the Hills. The mask itself is such a beautiful consistency, really buttery and creamy but not thick. It melts into your skin and instantly feels like it’s rejuvenating it from the minute it touches. You don’t need a lot either which is a massive bonus as it might seem a little disappointing when you first see the jar, thinking it’s expensive for what you get but actually you need very little. I have a feeling this jar will last a long time. I would love this to be made into a moisturizer, I think it would make a wonderful primer as it really does make your skin feel more plump, hydrated and glowing after application.

I will be continuing to use this beautiful mask and no doubt when it runs out I will definitely re-purchase. If you are looking for something that’s hydrating, nourishing, full of all the “good stuff” that your skin needs and you love clean cruelty free skincare then you need to purchase this mask. The mask is £39.95 for 100ml of pure product.

If nothing else go and have a wee read about Simon and Caroline who founded and Own the company because once you do you’ll want to buy their products!


***This product was gifted to me but it was not a paid for review and there were no stipulations or conditions put on me accepting the Mask. This review is ALL my own thoughts, views and opinions.

Thank you as always for taking the time to read my review and I will see you in the next post,

T x

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