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Ted Baker’s New Beauty Collection

I’ve always been a massive fan of Ted Baker, the brand is known for making good quality products at accessible prices. It has incredible Sustainable and Ethical policies and is always striving to push itself and others to do better for our planet. You can even go onto their website and lookup a list of products, and materials that will never be used by them, but are also Banned and Restricted for use in manufacturing.

I haven’t bought any of the makeup before, just the clothing, so this was going to be something new and interesting for me. 
I first found out about the new collection when I saw one of my OG favourite bloggers inthefrow talking about the launch and showing some of the products on her insta account. I have to be honest, I was pretty much sold there and then, I mean she’s not often wrong about a brand. 

The first thing I noticed about the collection when it launched was that it was small. I’ve become used to massive makeup launches with 150 different products (might be a slight exaggeration but you get the jist!?) which to be honest I just don’t need or want. I love small quads for eyeshadows or give me a palette that’s going to do everything for me. What can I say?  I am more of a minimalist these days! Time and space are everything.

The New Makeup Collection consists of 19 core products, 

Highlighter Powder – 1 shade

Lipgloss – 5 shades

Satin Lipstick – 10 Shades

Duo Eyeshadow Stick – 2 Shades

Trio Blush Powder – 1 Shade

Matte Lipstick – 10 Shades

3 in 1 Mascara – 1 Shades

Eye & Face Palette -1 Shades

Face & Brush Set -1 Shades

Loose Highlighter Powder – 1 Shades

Eyeshadow Quad Palettes – 4 Shades

Self Sharpening Lip Liner – 5 Shades

Liquid Eyeliner -1 Shade

Eye Brush set – 1 Shade

Bronzer Trio – 2 Shades

Liquid Eyeshadow – 5 Shades

Khol Eyeliner – 1 Shade

Chubby Lip Pencil – 6 Shades

Eyebrow Pencil – 3 Shades

The products are all formulated without parabens, D5, Fragrance or Talc. Any of the makeup items containing Mica are all responsibly sourced and are Ecocert approved, which is a huge thing for me, as this is such a grey area. They are also Cruelty Free, none of the products have been or will be tested on Animals and there are No plans to sell any of the Ted Baker ranges in China.

Ok, so what did I buy?

Well, I wanted to get as much for my money as possible, so initially I chose ‘St Lucia’ the Eye and Face palette which gave me the same equivalent of 3 quads, a blush, highlighter and a bronzer for £55.00

For the eyeshadows you get a nice even mix of Foil, Matte and Glitter formulas to create your looks with. The foil colours are so beautiful to blend and the pigment is out of this world, I’ve only just started to play with this palette but already I love the way they sit on your eyes, glisten in the different lights and the staying power is just fantastic. The Matte’s are really creamy, easy to blend with and not powdery at all ( which I hate! ). I have been really impressed by their staying power too. It’s not often you apply your eye makeup at 7am and it still looks just as good at 7pm! The tones are lovely too, there are a great mix of warm, bright and bold colours to play with which is great. I have only tried a couple of the glitter shades but wow do they pack a punch! They glide on like butter, but don’t budge. The tones make a really beautiful inner corner pop of colour and will make any shade of eyes the centre of attention.

The bronzer is a fairly neutral shade, I mean I’m as pale as it gets and it looks perfect on me so that’s saying something! There’s no orange or warmth to it. It’s got a lovely light buildable shade, with a nice light glow coming through it.

The Blush is a beautiful nude peach tone, a beautiful creamy formula that’s super pigmented. It doesn’t feel powdery at all with the end result being a beautiful natural look.

The highlighter is just incredible! Definitely one of my favourites of the collection, it’s a gorgeous champagne colour that just melts into the skin. I love the way it makes your skin just glisten every time it catches the light. I can honestly say this has been my most worn product, both on my face and eyes, it’s just one of those really beautiful, natural tones, plus there’s no glitter pigments either which I hate in a highlighter! Just so 80’s….

The packaging itself is beautiful, you get a real mirror which is a decent size that you can actually see your face in, which is always helpful! It also has the Ted Baker logo detailed on it which I think is a lovely touch. The design kinda gives me Moroccan vibes, warm sunshine, hot summers, amazing designs… I love it.

The second Product I bought was a ‘Sicily’ Matte Lipstick in Crumble £22.00

This has to be one of my all time favourite Matte lipsticks so far. I knew the minute it arrived and I saw the packaging I was going to love it. It just oozes sass, right down to how you open it. It has a wee magnetic clasp inside the top of the lid and when you push the base of the lipstick in it releases the bullet and the top pops off ready for you to open it up and use. Love it!

The shade I chose is a beautiful peach, nude with absolutely no orange undertones in sight. This is possibly going to be my new favourite ( sorry Pillow Talk ) It glides onto the lip so effortlessly, full of pigment without drying you out and lasts for hours. If you just want a light wash of colour then just pat a little colour on with your fingertips and your good to go. I love this formula and will definitely buy more of these soon.

There are quite a few products I have my eye on in this collection and I am really impressed with what I have tried so far.

Are there any products in the collection that you would like to try?

Have you tried any yet? I would love to know…

T .x

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