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Bybi… Bronze Balm

If you follow me on any of my Socials then you’ll know that I’m crazy about BYBI. I have been lucky enough to work with them for about 18 months and they are genuinely the nicest team of people you will every deal with. They Eat, Breathe and Sleep their brand and products which is what made them so attractive to me. I have had the opportunity to review every product they have and I can honestly say there is not one that I don’t love! I even purchased a couple of my faves at Christmas as Gifts for family and friends.

So onto their new launch, the reason for our review today. We all know about the iconic BabeBalm which frequently goes out of stock and will often appear in magazine “must have” column’s. Well here comes BabeBalm Bronze, and what is it that makes this little guy so exiting? its versatility?!. It does everything the OG does but more, oh so much more!

When Hannah got in touch to say she was sending a sample out I knew straight away what kind of look I was going to create with it. It arrived and this tiny wee pot of glistening gold was irresistible. I immediately used it as a primer, with a very light layer on my cheeks and chin I took my usual foundation brush and blended the balm out. It went on like butter, just melted into my skin creating a beautiful glow and very light bronzed tone to my skin. Trust me this was a delicate shade of bronze – Anything more and this vampire would be looking pretty stupid! Applying my usual foundation on top was the real test and it was perfect, it didn’t have any adverse affects at all I actually think I used less! No creasing or caking.Untitled-1-1

I finished the rest of my face with my other products and went on to use the Bronze Balm for my cheeks as a Bronzer/Highlighter. You can see from my photo that it created a really beautiful shadow without being muddy or orange. I used two very thin coats to create the look and blended with a brush. The added benefit was the highlight effect it gave, which looked really natural and beautiful in daylight.

Lastly, I applied the Bronze Balm to my eyelids over the top of a Fenty highlighter. This was to see if it would work in creating a Gloss Lid effect. I took the tiniest amount on the back of a spectrum collection A16 brush and gently tapped it across the mobile lids. Honestly I really didn’t expect it to work this well! It gave such a nice sheen, with just a hint of bronze that set the highlighter off beautifully.

I wore this makeup for more than 8 hours and even then it was still going strong, they eye look had slight creasing but was still looking great and I would’ve easily been able to wear it “out out”.

I am really excited about this product, I feel like its BYBI’s first little step into makeup products which fills me with excitement and joy! I know they will create nothing but pure quality whatever they do next. As far as I’m aware the Bronze Balm is available in March which, quite honestly cant come soon enough because this little tester pot is not going to last long.

If you love a good highlighter but also like a cream bronzer coming into the Spring/Summer months then this one’s for you. You’re getting amazing ingredients along with the fact that it’s Vegan, Cruelty Free and 100% Natural.

BYBI strive constantly to be as Conscious a brand as possible, their packaging is made from Sugarcane-Derived Bio-plastic tubes with the production of them being carbon neutral. They use Glass bottles where possible, printing onto the glass which negates the need for a label therefore the bottles can be easily recycled. Lastly they use DPD as their delivery service who are Carbon Neutral in the way they operate and they also only use biodegradable packaging. If you want to purchase your Skincare from a company and feel good about it, this is the place.

As for BabeBalm Bronze I definitley think this ones going to be just as cult as the OG, if not Bigger! my only issue? My sample pot is too small…..

I will pop a link to BYBI’s site just below please check them out they are Amazing at what they do and genuinley beleive in everything they create.


Love T x

**Gifted – not paid review

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