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3INA Lips For Life Campaign

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of 3INA, I’ve been working with them for about a year now and their products are incredible. 3INA is all about creating great quality products at affordable prices, from ethical and sustainable sources, and always in a bright, fun way!

The Lips For Life campaign is extra special, because is all about raising money and awareness to help find a cure for Cancer through The World Cancer Research Fund.

For every limited edition lipstick that is purchased, all the proceeds will go to the WCRF to help research finding a cure. Last year was the first year 3INA took part in creating a campaign like this, and they managed to raise over £15,000 to donate to the fund! 

I haven’t met a single person yet, who hasn’t been affected by cancer in some way, be it directly or indirectly. It doesn’t discriminate between old and young, rich or poor, healthy or already sick, it’s such a ruthless and difficult disease that affects far too many people.

We have a lot of personal experience in our family with cancer, my papa who is in his 90’s, has had cancer three times, and has thankfully beaten it every single time. It was such a difficult and scary time emotionally and although he has beaten it the scars are still there.

My papa has always been my hero, ever since I was a wee girl, he was such a big and physically strong man, who I have always admired and looked up too. I knew he was incredible, I just didn’t realise how incredible until this happened to him.

Unfortunately for papa there was only the option of intensive surgery and Chemo / Radiation as a treatment, but that’s where places like WCRF come in. With more money and time, hopefully there will be less invasive treatment options sometime in the near future, especially for people that are already weaker or more vulnerable. 

The Lipstick For Life campaign gives us all an opportunity to give back whilst getting a wee something  for ourselves. There’s no shade range it’s just one lipstick, one colour and one price, just £10.95.

In return you will get a bespoke shade of lipstick that changes to the perfect shade to suit your lip based on the PH in your skin. Clever, huh?!

The lipstick itself is really nourishing, almost like a lip balm but with great pigment, really buildable if you want more colour, or you can just have that ‘just bitten’ kind of look. I’ve found it lasts really well too, so no need to re-apply constantly, because you get a good few hours out of it before you need another swipe!

On a side note I think it would look great as a light flush on the cheeks which is something I am definitely going to try, this is another reason I love 3INA’s products, they’re usually so versatile and can be used for more the one thing..

Don’t forget to to pick up yours now, they are available and you will not regret a single penny I can guarantee it! I’d love to see your bespoke shade, so reach out with your pictures and comment below.

Head over to 3INA to check out more details of all the stockists.



** This product was gifted but I was not paid or asked to post, all thoughts, views and opinions are my own.

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