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Ren Skincare Evercalm Comforting Rescue Mask

When Ren reached out to me to see if I wanted to try out some of their skincare I was the happiest person in Scotland! Not kidding, I didn’t stop smiling for about two weeks.

Why? Well there’s a few really important things about Ren that you need to know.

One, they are all about creating clean skincare sourced from only the best sustainably sourced ingredients and always with cruelty free formulas. They do have some Vegan ranges and are planning to add many more soon.

Two, their range is created for every type of skin even super sensitive faces like mine, using ph balanced formulas.

Three their packaging, all their bottles are created from recycled plastic and the tubes are all created from post consumer recycled plastic and even designed for circular recycling! This is really important to me as a consumer.

Now if this is not enough to sway you, they actually have a pledge to be Zero waste by 2021 with all of their packaging being 100% recycled, recyclable and reusable!  

So, with all of that lets talk about the Evercalm Comforting Mask……

The mask is to help combat over sensitivity, strengthen and protect you natural moisture barrier. Soothe, calm and help with improving the overall condition of your skin. It has some really great natural ingredients to help with these things, like white mushroom extract which helps protect against any skin discomfort. To help with moisture and reduce the signs of sensitivity they have used beta-glucan which comes from yeast, and lastly one we all know is arnica which soothes sensitive skin and is great for free radicals. 

Application Process and Thoughts……..

I have been following the instructions and using the mask 3 times a week since I first got it (about a month ago). You leave it on for roughy 10-15 minutes to get the maximum benefit and then just wipe off excess really easily with a muslin cloth.

The mask itself has the consistency of a really creamy moisturiser, it’s so easy to apply and you only need a very small amount to cover your whole face and neck area. I also love that it’s not a drying mask, it’s really creamy and smooth and it sinks right into the skin, leaving just the excess residue.

I have found a definite difference in my skin after using it for a few weeks, I mean, for sure you will see an instant lift and glow when you use it for the first time and that’s going to happen because of all the incredible ingredients, but I’m not here for instant, I’m in it for the long hall! 

Living with an Autoimmune condition that includes photosensitivity as well as the ‘Butterfly Rash’ and ‘Discoid Lupus’ means that skin involvement and condition is top of my list. I live daily with trying to combat my Redness as well as my scarring and discoid spots. So for me I can judge a mask or a cream / serum really quickly, because these issues stand out to me.

I could see after just a few uses that my redness or butterfly rash really settled after using this mask, its the first one that has actually had such a quick effect. I have now started using it if I am going out somewhere special or need to film. This way I have much calmer, smoother, settled skin to work with. I don’t know how it works or why, but then that’s why Ren make the mask’s and I wear them!

Normally I would review a product for a lot longer, but for me the writing is on the wall with this mask already, I love it! I genuinely can’t recommend this enough, if you are going to buy any mask at any point make it this one. Now it’s £32.00 for 50ml, which Ok that’s more expensive than your average but you are definitely paying for what you get, which is, quality ingredients from clean, sustainable sources packaged in sustainable, recyclable packaging, that will make you feel and look incredible!

Now you tell me, is it worth the cost per wear? 

T. x


This product was gifted without any payment or agreement to post. All thought views & opinions are my own.

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