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My First Taste Of Transformulas 

Transformula’s beautiful packaging
No Makeup just Transformula’s products.
Close-up of Pump dispenser system on bottles.

I’ve always suffered with extremely sensitive skin, the slightest imbalance can cause a major break out for me that lasts weeks, sometimes months. This is why I’m really fussy about the skincare brands I work with, and why you’ll find that I’m pretty boring, because once I find one I love, I’ll stick with them. 

This is why when Transformulas asked me if I would like to work with them on a brand new product launch I instantly said Yes! Although I hadn’t yet tried anything from the brand, I had heard a lot of great things on the cruelty free grape vine about them. Not to mention the fact that the creator behind the brand, Rosi Chapman is an absolute powerhouse. It was because of her love and passion for skincare but immense phobia of needles  ‘Transformulas’  was created. Rosi worked with top formulators to create a range of products that could give the same skin benefits and rejuvenation as clinical results without the need for invasive treatments. 

The New Product launch was Flawless Photoglow a daily moisturising cream that’s full of active anti-ageing ingredients like Squalene, LPD multi vitamin A,C,D and F, which together will help to moisturise, smooth and soften the skin, as well as help regenerate skin cells reducing lines and wrinkles. And that’s not all, there’s also UV protection of SPF30+, and Antioxidants to help protect the skin against UVA and UVB rays, as well as environmental and pollution damage.

When the product arrived I genuinely couldn’t wait to get it on my face, let’s be honest at 40 years old I am all about anything that tells me I can reduce my wrinkles and get a glowing complexion without surgical intervention! 

First impressions were all about the packaging, this product came dressed to impress. It’s one  that your proud to have sitting on your dresser next to your Dior bag (Paper one from last Christmas) and your half empty Flowerbomb perfume bottle. It looks and feels expensive. The dispenser is a small button on the top that pumps just the right amount out of the front of the bottle, It’s simple, hygienic and clean which I instantly love. 

The moisturizer itself is opaque, doesn’t have a scent (which for me is imperative) and is thick enough not to drip everywhere but not so gloopy that it takes a week to sink in!

It goes onto the skin and just melts in, it’s not sticky or tacky. There is no residue left after its applied, your skin instantly feels plumper and looks more refreshed. I’ve found that you will get the biggest benefit from continued use, applying it Morning and Night all over  face, neck and decolletage. I have been doing this for over six weeks now and I’m really pleased with the effects, My skin looks much brighter, the fine lines around my eyes and between my brows are definitely looking less prominent.

This cream also makes an incredible base for makeup, I’ve found that my foundation sits really well on top of the Photoglow, and you get a really beautiful natural, radiant finish look after using it. 

Is this claiming to be a miracle product? No. Will you get the same look as you do after a round of Botox? Definitely not! But then if you try this and still want Botox, you can go and get it. That’s the incredible thing about clean beauty, there’s no damaging affects to your skin. Your options are open.

What you will get is people complimenting you on how amazing you look, because your skin will not only look better, it will feel better than it has in years.

Photoglow is cruelty free using only the finest ingredients and has been designed by the leading Doctors and Dermatologists in this industry. You can be safe in the knowledge that whatever Transformulas product you use, your going to get nothing but the best.

If you would like to know more, or purchase Transformulas for yourself then click on then link here Photoglow , the cost for 50ml is £55. I have found that although this was gifted to me, I would definitely repurchase as you use very little and it lasts. For me if you want good, clean ingredients sometimes you have to pay that little bit extra. 

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about this product or any others I’ve reviewed,

T x.

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