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Too Faced Cosmetics


Everyone knows and probably loves ‘Too Faced’ but I have to admit this is a newly found love affair for me. I heard so many people blogging, vlogging and showing off amazing pictures of themselves using this brands products I just couldn’t resist trying them. I decided to start with the

one and only ‘Born This Way’ foundation and I’ve got to say, “Believe EVERYTHING” you hear about this foundation. I’ve got to admit I was sceptical, I mean over the years I’ve invested probably enough to buy a small house in my quest for the perfect foundation. This, however, does not disappoint.

To start with the box is quality, on brand colours looks good and not cheaply made, It screams class and then you open your little gift to yourself. Out comes this Stunning bottle which honestly feels far more expensive than its £26 price tag with its glass bottle, embossed gold writing and solid black lid.

I haven’t even used it yet and I’m sold, yep I know cheap date! When I do try it out it’s an absolute pleasure, no buffing and stippling for an age making sure its blended properly, it just sinks into your skin as if it’s meant to be there, I was slightly worried I’d gone too dark/orange as I went off the suggested tone range but it was spot on so don’t be put off as the colour will settle down after a minute or two.

This, I can honestly say will be my ‘holy grail’ foundation forever, it’ll take a lot to break this fling up, as for looking 10years younger, if I squint a bit and angle the mirror yeah, I think maybe I might just get away with it……

T. x💋

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