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When I think Eyeko I just think Iconic.Its a brand that I feel like is entwined in the history of London’s makeup and modelling scene. I know that’s not necessarily the case but when you have people like Alexa chung as

a brand ambassador and all the huge fashion magazines raving about every product you release, being put up for and winning awards yearly then you can understand why I feel like this.


Their range has grown extensively, when I first started buying their products it was Mascara, Skinny Liner & Eyeshadow pens. I have most of, if not all the collection but the products we are concentrating on today their Brow products. The Felt Pen and Brow Gel for me are my go to, everyday products. I not been able to find another brow pen that gives me the same control and definition as this one, it’s also super quick at drying so you can go straight back in to define further creating those individual little hairs and brushstrokes to make them look and appear as natural as possible. I love the fact that this is a universal ‘blonde’ colour too, which means that it changes dependant on your skin tone and definition. This is the only product I’ve found so far that looks even remotely like it could be my eyebrow colour.

Now the brow gel, I use it straight after the pen to set my brows into place, and trust me it’s well worth the money as your brows will stay in shape for as many hours as you need them too!

This comes in one colour for all and again that suits me fine. I just brush it on quite thick, coat as many hairs as I can find! then I use a clean spoolie to go back in and remove any excess. This then sets the pen and the eyebrows in place for the day and night.

Another attractive quality about this brand is their packaging and delivery service, Eyeko have a lovely way of presenting their items. There’s a postcard with a gorgeous girl and the best kitten flick you’ve ever seen, a snug little box- no wastage, the packaging is vibrant and well made, to top it off your products are wrapped neatly in beautiful black Eyeko embossed tissue paper.

So I’d say get your Brow pens and your Brow Gel ordered because you will never look back once you say ‘eye do’..

T. x💋

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