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I decided to try PUR who are totally new to me before today but I’ve heard so many great things about them. As a brand they describe their makeup as “having purpose”. I feel like right from the start I’m ‘in’ as its cruelty free and vegan -where possible (just check the labels) and if this wasn’t enough they are Gluten free, Talc free and Paraben free.

Their campaigns are full of ‘real women’ without filters, There’s no photoshopped images showing us pictures of totally

unattainable looks that frankly none of us have the time for! They are using SPF’s in their skincare where possible which is fantastic if like me you need as much protection as possible, or girls you just want to stay protected we’ve got to look after what we’ve got! Which brings me around to some of the other ingredients such as Shea butter, Retinol, Vitamin C and E which are all amazing treats for our skin.

 Ok so let’s be honest it’s doesn’t matter if your 18 or 68 you want to look amazing, I know when I get to my 60’s I’m still going to be getting up, putting my face on and working it every day! I mean I’m the woman that takes her tweezers into hospital with her…

Today I’m reviewing the “Love Your Selfie2” palette. So far I am so impressed by this little box of treats, Its stunning on the outside, the box is quality and the design is sparkly without being too much. This feels like opening a box of chocolates at Christmas (you know the ones?) and expecting there to be at least one or two that you don’t like, but not in this box. I was so pleasantly surprised. Yes I’m quite picky and can be difficult to please but this palette literally has a shade combination, in my opinion, that’s perfect for day or night. I would quite happily take this away with me as my ONLY eye palette and manage without a thought.  The mix of the two neutral shades with the depth of the Matt brown – cappuccino colour and the red- Jewel like colour is just amazing. ( see image) I have this colour combination on my eyes, Headshot as my brow highlight, Sketch from inner corner for first 1/3 then Statuesque on the 2/3 and then to finish the outer corner I’ve used Sketch. I have then blended statuesque & sketch out through the crease and up to create a slight wing effect. Then I’ve used Headshot again to blend and buff out any harshness of the line for a softer effect.

I finished my eyes with the mascara in the box, which took a couple of coats but after persevering I was happy with the result as I don’t have the best eyelashes anyway.

I’ve then used the highlighter on my inner corners of my eyes, cheekbones and Cupid’s bow, finishing with the powder for setting. Lastly I used the bronzer but as I’m so fair and with it being winter my skin is even paler than normal so I mixed the bronzer with the setting powder to lighten it up before applying over my cheekbones and temples.

The deep berry pencil was perfect for outlining and filling my lips and I found it to be so soft and easy to use, the colour is amazing. The texture is so buttery and when filling and blending over my lips it was more like putting on a balm. I finished with a light coat of the gloss over the top (also berry). The gloss is pigmented and creamy without being thick or sticky.

These are two products I will be purchasing again in many colours for sure.

So, I guess all in all for me, this palette is one of those boxes of chocolates you don’t share, well not easily anyway and you always make sure you have a store in your cupboard especially if it’s ever on offer! I will be using mine frequently now and looking forward to purchasing many more PUR products to share and review with you soon.

Let me know if you’d like a tutorial on my channel and I will get one arranged for you.

T.x 💋

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