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The Balm Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Set Review….

I am mad about The Balm, I need to just get this out there from the jump! But it’s purely from a kinda, ‘I’ve seen you from my bedroom window and think you’re really hot kinda way!’ I’ve never had the pleasure, before now, of trying any of their products myself.

If we are starting with their packaging, then I can only say ‘genius!’ It is unique. It stands out above all the rest, catches your eye and it’s fun. I did wonder if it would be a little cheap, you know that way where sometimes a product looks amazing, All the money has gone into the packaging but the actual product itself has been skimped on…. Well not this kit.

Now, I’ve got to admit I bought the small kit containing the six colours so as I could get a good selection for my money, I mean I am buying all this stuff by myself so I’ve to be good sometimes. This also gave me the chance to figure out which colours I liked enough to buy in the full size.

Now as your probably aware The Balm are Paraben, Talc and Cruelty Free in their products, which is another big tick.

This little set is quirky & adorable and we are going to start with the shade ‘Doting’ as it looks like the lightest.


Hmmm, on opening this I am pleasantly surprised there is a definite light smell of mint. Not too strong or overpowering where you know your lips are going to be burning & you’ll not taste the rest of your day’s meals! Nope this is just light & fresh, the Doe Foot applicator is a perfect size for getting into your cupids bow and curves of the lip. I also found it picked up just enough product to coat both top and bottom lips without me needing more. Now for the shade, I was expecting this to be a Nude, nothing more really, if you watch the video and look at the swatches you’ll see it’s a lovely pinkie peach nude and It’s not a weak colour at that. It’s perky and vibrant, I loved it and that says a lot for me because normally colours like this wash me out. It felt creamy on application and although it’s a liquid lipstick I didn’t find it drying like most others. I wore it for a few hours desperate to find fault with it, nothing is this good ‘is it?’  but it lasted its course, in fact getting it off was interesting it took some micellar water and a cotton pad to remove it in the end so if that’s not staying power I don’t know what is!

There wasn’t one colour in the set that I didn’t like and that is out of character for me, I am very fussy with my lipstick. By the end of my video review I have come to the conclusion that I think I’ve fallen Hook Lip & Liner for our Mr Hughes.

I am going to post pictures of all the other shades for you to see and please watch the video as you will get a much better idea of what the colours look like on and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and channel for future reviews.

Thanks, Love

T .x  💋

You can buy this set here in the UK from Debenhams for £25 and from The Balm directly for $29 (US) which I think is a great price considering each one is around £15 in the UK and $17 (US)– The brand is also available through Sephora online.

*ALL lipsticks in this range are Paraben Free & Cruelty Free*

My videos & reviews are not sponsored (unless I say otherwise) and I will always give you my independent & honest views on the product no matter where they come from. x

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