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Cruelty Free & Transparency……. 

For me It was a pretty easy decision about whether to be cruelty free or not, and I’m going to be brutally honest it was more for selfish reasons initially than for saving the planet or any kind of worthwhile crusade I’d set upon. Yes, I was an animal lover and No, I didn’t believe it was right to test anything on any kind of breathing being, But I’d be lying if I said this was my reason. I had to change several things in my life due to my medical condition and this was one of them.

I became cruelty free about 12 years ago, when it was pretty much a new thing, there wasn’t the abundance of makeup options we have now for stunning lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes, Foundations & BB creams with highlighters and contour palettes I mean the list is endless! Nope back then you had Basics and they were expensive! I can remember though when ELF (eyes lips face) first came onto the scene and totally change the game. It was like literally winning the Golden Ticket and being in Willie Wonka’s Factory- So much makeup and a whole section was cruelty free. Not only that it was cheap and I mean you were going from paying £12 for a mineral powder to £3, bargain! Now it’s almost the opposite, I feel spoiled for choice and please don’t get me wrong because I wouldn’t want to change it but I do find it slightly confusing sometimes. It might be just me (and please feel free to comment at the end of this your thoughts, views and opinions) but I used to know my cruelty free brands but now it seems like there’s so many I just don’t have a clue about. I’m discounting brands because I think they’re not CF, when actually their just not labelled correctly or the brand just hasn’t done a very good job of making ‘us’ the consumers aware of this. Maybe this is just the UK, let me know. Does it happen anywhere else?

I will give you a few examples of the ones I’ve found out about recently I didn’t know that Collection 2000 was classed as CF, Same with Tanya Burr’s line of Makeup that’s also CF, Ciate, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Ardell and Then there is a great wee range I’ve stumbled across called Makeup Academy in Superdrug and that’s also CF where you can pick up a lip pencil and a blusher for only £1 each! I’m sure there’s probably loads more I haven’t mentioned.

With this though also comes the other side, which is that many Cruelty Free brands have now been taken off the PETA and or Leaping Bunny register as they have chosen a different path. This I find even more frustrating as I feel that as consumers we should at least get some warning about this, especially as we are buying into a brand (some of us) on this basis. I feel slightly cheated on in a way. I think if you have found a brand you like, have been using it for a long time it’s always difficult to find one to swop to and like straight away, it is for me anyway. One example for me was or is I suppose, Stilla one minute its CF and I’m ordering their stunning eyeshadow palettes and foundation then the next minute I happen to read somewhere they’ve decided to sell in china and will no longer be CF….? why? I loved their stuff.

I guess the reason for me writing this blog piece really, firstly came about through frustration with companies not being transparent and it’s ended the same way.

 In this I mean They are not Transparent enough in their Branding-  They need to be clearer when stating whether they are CF or not and at the same time Transparent if they decide they are going to stop being CF. This way we can chose clearly what we want to buy, without all the label reading and internet searching and if there’s new brands out there then let’s not miss out on trying them all.

But then I also need to think back to the days of just two or three cosmetic companies, when they were charging the earth for their ‘Mineral Powder Makeup.’

I should probably count myself lucky that there’s just so much choice even if a few do step back over to the dark side…….

Love T. x

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