New High-Street Ethical Fashion Ranges……

H&M’s new Ethical Conscious Collection for 2017

This brand-new line from one of our high-street favourites will include designs for Men, Women and Children. They are going to be making all the clothing from a pioneering ‘bionic’ material, this will be made exclusively from recycling plastic shoreline waste. When you think about it really, it’s genius! I mean all the talk about microbeads and plastics on our beaches, our coastlines being slated for the ‘Plastic Islands’ that are starting to slowly form on them. If this is a way of turning our mess, a man-made catastrophe into something every man/woman and child can eventually wear then why not? Now I’m not saying that this collection is coming from our Beaches right now but who knows, maybe in the future if this is successful?

The collection is going to be quirky and beautiful, with every moment taken to show what can be done with conscious fashion for the future. The ranges won’t be in our stores until the 20th of April but they will be available in over 160 of them worldwide which is Amazing!

The campaign that goes with the H&M collection is called ‘Bring it on’ and it was launched in February. They are even encouraging people to donate their old clothes to enable them to recycle them into brand new garments, I love this!


his is H&M taking another step forward with their drive to become a more ‘Sustainable’ fashion label year on year. With a bit of research, I have found out that 20% of their overall collections in store are now ‘conscious’ and they plan to build on this year on year.

Now for me I’m of the opinion that anything a company can do to make moves towards being more ‘sustainable’ or ethically conscious’ can only be a good thing. This being a high-street brand that’s accessible for most people, not overpriced and charging the earth (excuse the pun) I think they deserve some credit for at least trying, you will of course have your own opinion.

 I just think that We need to encourage business to take these strides no matter how small they may seem in the beginning. This way they will want to continue on this journey and then selfishly we will end up with lots of variety at affordable prices on offer that we can enjoy filling our wardrobes with sustainable clothes!.

Watch the YouTube video ‘ The Journey Of A Dress’ below……


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