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Feeling Iconic………

I have to be honest I hadn’t really heard of this brand up until about Two months ago. I really don’t know how this has happened, I consider myself to be someone who likes to keep up to date on New Brands, Cruelty Free Brands and especially UK Brands! I’m not saying I’m oracle when it comes to these things but I can be slightly obsessive with new releases.Anyway, I started to see the highlighter on loads of YouTube videos which of course everyone knows and seems to love so I wanted to try something different to start with (no doubt I’ll work my way round to the highlighter!). This is when I realised just how big the brand is, they have loads of products. As you can well imagine I was like a little kid been taken to the sweetie shop for the first time……. Heaven. After about Two hours of intense browsing and basket shuffling I decided upon the New Pigment Foundation. The thing that sealed the deal for me on this was that they had just added new shades to the collection making the total now 18. Some of these were in the lighter/neutral category which is what I need. Normally I’m porcelain as it’s the lightest but in this case the variety was fantastic and I ended up 0.1 Natural with Cool Undertones which is perfect on my skin. There detail when it comes to choosing your shade is great too as this can be so difficult, they were helpful. There is also an amazing shade chart to go by which makes it practically impossible to choose wrong.


Now, for the Foundation. When it arrived, I was so excited to get it on I didn’t even bother with a primer the first time, just my daily moisturiser. They are not kidding when they call it ‘Pigment’ foundation. It has so much colour in so little product it’s great. I am also so careful when testing a new product, I don’t put a lot on just in-case I can’t get rid of it! This stuff practically melts into your skin, its takes very minimal blending and buffing before it’s completely disappeared and you’re left with this perfect canvas. It’s almost glows, it defiantly has a healthy look to it. I’d happily wear it without powder, just a little cream blush and mascara with gloss and you’ve got a great Spring/Summer’s day look. This is the kind of foundation that’s a pleasure to put on and to wear. I am going to buy it in a shade darker for the Summer season just so I can play with the colour a little but already it’s become a favourite in my makeup bag.

I would recommend you try this brand and if you’re in the market for a Cruelty Free/Vegan foundation then give this one a go I’m 99% sure you won’t be disappointed. There is a shade there for everyone, you are getting a fantastic product for £24.99 and I have a feeling this will last a long time. There is also a 10% discount if you sign up to their email newsletter. If you’d like to order or just check out their site then click on this link to take you there…Iconic London

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