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Let me tell you about Nordgreen and why you need to shop their Black Friday Sales!

First off I just want to say thankyou to Nordgreen for sponsoring this post.

Why should you spend your money on this brand…?

Nordgreen are this incredible Scandi Watch brand for both Men and Women, They create the most beautiful sustainable pieces whilst constantly thinking about their imprint on the environment around them.

This is a company with a vision to be ‘The best sustainable watch brand and change the way you view a timepiece.’

If you’re anything like me then you want to support brands that are putting their money where their mouth is, Yes it’s lovely to buy a beautiful sustainable piece for yourself or as a Christmas gift on Black Friday, But it’s even better if the company is helping others with some of the profits too. 

Just a couple of the ways in which Nordgreen are doing this is through their NGO partnerships. Donating 6,500 months of quality education to children in India, They also sourced 23,200 months of drinkable water with Water For Good to help the people living in the Central African Republic. If this wasn’t enough they have also preserved 742,000sqm in Latin America’s Rainforests with the help of Cool Earth. I would love to go on and tell you about the help they’ve given the Australian forest fires, Social Bite Uk, Second Harvest Japan.. but there’s just too many to list!

So What makes them such a great gift?

Well choice for one, In the women’s collection there are four different styles, The Infinity, The Philosopher, The Native and The Unika. Each watch comes in a choice of four different face sizes too.

There is also a choice of buying the watches as a gifting bundle which allows you to get and extra strap, this is the perfect Gift for that special person, the straps are of the highest quality and look stunning on the wrist. The packaging is beautiful and means there is not much at all for you to do when it comes to wrapping, bonus! I still keep mine in it’s beautiful box.

I chose the 36mm Philosopher, 3 link Stainless Steel, Water Resistant Womens watch designed by the incredible Jakob Wagner. It’s the perfect size on my wrist and the sleek, minimalistic design suits my style effortlessly.

It sits perfectly on my wrist and is the perfect weight, I love that it elevates even my most basic outfit like a jumper and jeans. 

I loved the fact that I had a choice of face size as my wrists are so wee and I usually struggle because of this, you can also take a link or two out of the solid steel straps if you need to so that’s worth thinking about for Gifting as we are usually stuck with going to a jewelers otherwise.

If you do decide to order, don’t forget to pop my discount in by clicking this link IPURE35 to get 15% off while it lasts!

Also if there is anything you’d like to know just get in touch as this is a brand I am super passionate about and happy to talk about all day long. 

I also want to mention that all the packaging is Eco Friendly with recycled felts and FSC certified cartons as well as being Carbon Neutral, OK I need a cuppa now and a mince pie It’s nearly Christmas! 

T . x. 

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