Betty Boots by Beyond Skin


The brand is Beyond Skin, have you heard of them? Well I hadn’t until about two months ago, which is when I stumbled across them. It was like opening that gift on your birthday that somehow you hadn’t needed but now you wondered how you coped without it…. You know what I mean? 

This is a UK based company with their factories in Spain, however, they are very much hands on. They control everything right down to

sourcing their fabrics and components as close to their factories as possible in order to reduce the carbon footprints!.

Their most important element of this brand is that they are Vegan friendly, PETA approved, Vegetarian society approved and have been put forward and won many awards.

Their mantra is to create “gorgeous, empowering footwear for discerning style-led ladies” you only have to look at their website to see they are achieving this. They have so many styles and colours, patterns and heel shapes to choose from. You could spend an afternoon with a cuppa and a box of chocolates just browsing through, which is such a nice change, I mean you all know what you usually get when you search for “ethical” or Cruelty free” shoes, yep not a lot or should I say not a lot with style and elegance, too harsh? I don’t think so, Google it and see what comes up!

They have loads of gorgeous shoes that I will be showing you as we get to know each other, but today I want to talk about these Boots, The Betty Boots to be exact. I mean they are a work of art. They are Faux Vegan Suede with an 11.5cm heel and 1cm hidden platform. As an added bonus they are also water resistant which always helps! Now for the costly bit they are £249.00 but I don’t think that’s too expensive in comparison to other designer boots in this style, this is the price we pay for quality.  To say that they are on Trend and in season doesn’t do them justice because I don’t think these boots will have a ticking clock on them, I think they are a classic. They are certainly a key piece for me and I wouldn’t be worrying about whether anyone else was still wearing thigh high or knee high boots, these are getting worn until the heel drops off and can’t be repaired!

I hope you all fall in love with this brand just as much as I have and I look forward to sharing many more of their gorgeous designs with you…

T x 💋

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