MATT & NAT – ‘The Sims’ Clutch


I stumbled across this brand when I was looking for a bag a year or so ago, a wee backpack I think it was and up they popped. I loved the concept behind the brand that it’s all about exploring the synergy between MAT(T)ERIAL and NATure and the direct reflection one has on the other- hence the name! They are also

completely Vegan and Cruelty Free which means their ranges are made without Leather or any other animal based materials in any of their designs.

I chose this clutch ‘The Sims’ which is part of the Dwell Collection. It comes in five stunning colours the one featured is ‘Azur’, but you can also get it in Black, Coral, Koala and Oak. It’s a stunning teardrop shape with the seasons must have front flat handle for you to elegantly slide your hand through and show off that statement jewellery. They haven’t forgotten about our needs on the inside either as let’s be honest so many of them do, it’s all about the outside and when you get down to the nitty gritty girls there’s just nothing in there, is there? Well here we have a zipper pocket where we can hide our lippy and compact and some highlight for touch-ups (just saying) and then the important must have smart phone pocket so we can check out Instagram without scratching our phone when we want to and not forgetting the main compartment for your purse and to finish it a nice little snap back closure.

This is a great wee all rounder, perfect for that smart/casual lunch or that extra special night out. This bag has the style, sass and confidence to accompany you anywhere you want to go and for just £60 it’s a bargain! So now it just about working out how to afford one in every colour…….

T. x 💋

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