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Sustainable Fashion

How I’m trying to make my fashion more sustainable…..

When it comes to me and my family’s fashion choices it’s not always been easy to buy “sustainably”. We are a family of four, Two adults and (back then) Two kids which was expensive in itself never mind putting extra pressures on how we could buy and where from, especially as sustainable brands where nowhere near as popular as they are now.

There is and always has been, from a small minority in this community the assumption that you are only considered ” Sustainable, Ethically conscious” if you live your life using, buying, wearing nothing but sustainable goods. The real honest truth is though, going sustainable is expensive!

I was recently given the opportunity to become an ambassador for Vespi, whose mission is to Make ethical fashion accessible to everyone by creating a marketplace that will appeal to consumers looking for brand options with a difference and fashion bloggers with sustainable values.

One of the main reasons I wanted to get involved with Vepsi was the fact that they are currently in Nairobi speaking at the UN Sustainability Conference.  The Vepsi Ambassadors were asked to put together a quick video explaining Why they chose Sustainability? What we thought could be done to help the current situation by the policy makers? What could consumers do to help? What designers could improve on moving forward.

I have included my video below, I hope you find it interesting and it explains my thoughts and feelings clearly ( as you can in 2 mins!).

Vepsi Ambassador story

I’ll pop a link to Vepsi in here in case you want more  info.

I, like always would love any thoughts or comments you have.

T. x

** In the above photo I am wearing a shirt from the H&M Conscious Collection 2 yrs old/ Jeans are really old pair from Mint Velvet/ Belt -NEW from Italian Vegan Leather/ Shoes 4 years old.

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