Custom Enhancer Drops by Cover FX

The product I am talking to you about today are the Custom Enhancer Drops from Cover FX, these little drops of magic are stunning. I have yet to buy anything else quite like it.

Now before we get into this you need to know that I have extremely fair skin- I mean we are talking somewhere between Milky White and Mortisha Adams! and normally anything with the slightest bronze colour on my face just makes me look like


my son has been practicing on me……. yep, that bad! But honestly after a lot of YouTube videos and Instagram following I got the courage to try them, Ok so I’m not proclaiming to be a Bronzing queen but this is such a simple product to use, just start off small and blend lightly. I say this as I did my usual thing of going in all excited putting way too much on my cheeks and well let’s just say I could’ve taken the dogs out for a walk for the next few nights without the need for High Vis jackets! But on the plus point this means you use hardly any, bonus as this stuff will last forever.

 I have also used them in my foundation by adding a couple of drops and mixing it through, this gave me a subtle glow, I looked healthy for once!

But my favourite is obviously highlighting my cheekbones and if you use just a wee bit of highlighter powder over the top of it, It’s a total game changer! You can buy these drops in Six different customisable shades, Moonlight is the one that I have reviewed. They retail around £36.00 online and honestly that might sound expensive but when you see just how little you need and the pigmentation in them, you’ll not think twice about it and with it being a pippet dropper it’s so easy to control how much you use.

So I guess what I’m saying is you need this little bottle of Magic in your makeup bag and even if you’re not aware of Cover Fx or are yet to try them, maybe you’ve been thinking about it? do it quickly.

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