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High Street V’S High Street Lip Kits

Time for something different…..

I know there’s been a lot of reviews done recently on the high-end Lip Kits and yes even some of the Low end, But I wanted to try something a wee bit different. I’m going to review Three Kits Plus a Wild Card (that could be a complete fail…)

that are all High-Street Brands and cost less than £9.00, Oh and did I mention they were Cruelty Free….?!


The first brand I chose is what you’d call an ‘old family friend’ BarryM. It’s a brand everyone knows and loves, it’s been around the makeup aisles for years and is a trusted name. When it comes to their Lip Kits they have kept their usual attention to detail with packaging and quality. I should point out that there are only three shades, Go to Nude, Pose Pink and Runway Berry. They are also limited edition and could be pulled at any time. I decided that the shade ‘Pose Pink’ would be good for the review.


The Second brand on the list was Makeup Revolution. Now I have to say I’m a big lover of this brand, they do great quality products at really affordable prices and their range is forever growing. When it comes to the Lip Kits, I bought their Retro Luxe range. The packaging was in line with their brand, its was fun but with a grown-up element. There was a choice of eight colours in Superdrug and I opted for the colour ‘Regal’ for this review.


Third on my list was a brand that was new to me ‘Lottie London’. Now I’ve seen the range and often wondered about trying it out but never picked anything up, I’m not sure why I haven’t. I decided this time though I was going to give it a go. I like the look of the brand, it’s bright and quirky but still grown up. The Lip Kits are the same as the others a Lip stick/gloss and a pencil. There are four in this range and quite honestly, I found it hard to pick as they were all colours I would wear, eventually I settled on ‘Werk It’.


Lastly my wild card…. Ok so I thought isn’t a Lip Kit just a Lip Pencil and a Lip lacquer or gloss basically sold in a kit together? So, I decided I would try to make one from a range called MUA (Makeup Academy) which I really like. I think it’s totally underestimated and a great range for the money. So, for my experiment I bought their Lip Liner ‘Pink Me Up’ and Lip Lacquer in ‘Serene’ and thought we would see if it was worth maybe buying it this way.

Ok, so now for my thoughts on each one………

BarryM for me was exactly as I expected, it went on really well. The pencil was great quality, soft and easy to work with and had great pigment. The lipstick itself didn’t feel drying or difficult as I applied it. It was really easy to get the lipstick to coat my whole lip without having to keep going back in time and time again. I really loved the colour, it was definitely a nude pink colour which will be great for summer makeup looks too. Loved this especially for £6.99

Makeup Revolution are a brand I really like and I have to say I loved the pencil that came with this set, it was soft and buttery. It applied well and almost felt more expensive than what I’d paid for it. I then out the lipstick on, after first applying it I was pretty happy with. It went on nicely, loads of pigment and it had a great look! I then finished filming (as this was my last look) and when I was editing the film I realised that the lipstick was starting to flake off onto my teeth in little bits……Now this was only after 5minutes or so. Obviously this changes things because if you were wearing this on a night out and this happened it wouldn’t be a good look! So overall, I’d have to say I wouldn’t be buying these which is a shame. Cost £6.00

Lottie London was a complete unknown to me, I was keeping an open mind. The lip pencil looked the same as Makeup Revolution and even went on the same…. It felt great, good quality, great pigment and a nice colour. I would quite happily wear the lip pencil on its own I liked it that much! Now for the real test, the lipstick. Firstly, I was loving the colour it was nice, it says in the info it’s a ‘dusky berry’ but it’s not super pigmented. This is more of a Nude Berry if you ask me and I loved it. It went on so smoothly, enough on the doe applicator to coat both lips, not drying whatsoever and just felt nice to wear. Cost £8.99

And now we come to my Wild Card…… MUA, now I have to be honest I have bought and used their lip pencils before so I know what they are like. I think that for a brand at this price point producing quality products such as these pencils they are worth a try. Now for the lip lacquer, I’m feeling slightly apprehensive about the colour I’ve chosen if I’m honest as It’s looking at more fluorescent pink now I’m seeing it here in the light. I don’t really have a choice now so I whack it on after trying the pencil which is, just as I though good quality for the price. Good pigment and goes on easy. They also have a good selection of colours too. The lip lacquer on the other hand, well that’s just a disaster I chose the wrong colour, it doesn’t apply well at all. I think the colour is just wrong to be honest so it doesn’t sit or blend well. I feel bad because I know that this is a good range and probably should have chosen a better colour to show, maybe next time I will try something different to show you this brand. Lip Liner £1.00 / Lip Lacquer £3.00

So, I guess my conclusion in all of this is that I’m a little bit in Love with Lottie London and I am definitely going to buy more of her products to review, to try, and show you because I think up until now they have been flying under the radar. I hope you enjoyed this review and with all of them please feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply to all of them. If there is any products you would like to see reviewed let me know.

Love T. x

If you’d like to see the Lip Kits on and my ultimate ‘Wild Card’ fail then please watch the video below & don’t forget to go and like, subscribe to the channel so as not to miss out on future videos.



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