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Pura Cosmetics Lip Balm & Scrubs Review

Perfect Pout…….

I have been lucky enough to have some of Pura Cosmetics Perfect Pout lip products sent to me (Free) to test and review. I received my little package about Two Weeks ago now, but I wanted to give them all a decent length of time to wear, use and get to know. This just ensures I can give you an honest review.

If you haven’t heard of the company before then they are Pura Cosmetics based in Yorkshire, England. They have been going since 2015 and are now winning awards all over the place for their Amazing products and innovation. Obviously, their products are cruelty free, Vegan friendly and made using only the highest quality Natural ingredients.
Ok enough said about all that onto the good bit, the goodies!


The box that arrived contained Two Lip Scrubs and Two Lip Balms. The packaging was very plain on the outside which was great, less chance of it getting pinched! But on the inside, it was bursting with colour, lots of pink shredded paper and their colourful white and raspberry product packaging looked great!
I immediately gravitated towards the first lip scrub which was Pina Colada. I guess I just wanted to smell it and see if there was a resemblance or was it just going to be an epic failure…. But omg this little pot of yellow granules has some punch! I hadn’t even got the lid off and you could immediately smell pineapple and coconut just oozing out. I mean this was as though you were literally on a tropical island sipping a cocktail. I have never smelt anything so delicious in my life. Now for phase two, Does it work as a scrub? Yep it most certainly does. Not only does it look great, smell great but it also does what it says it will. You literally only need a very small amount on the tip of your finger or lip brush and just buff gently across your lips. The results were instant, my lips felt soft and supple with no dry or cracked areas which I’ve had before from scrubs. Now I know this one is from their limited-edition line therefore it comes in at £4.50 ( just slightly more expensive)  however I can see it lasting a long time.


Lip Scrub Two is Revitalising Raspberry. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to go picking fresh raspberries in the summer then you will know exactly what I’m talking about. This little pot is bright pink and the smell is unbelievable! I am a massive raspberry fan so of course I am straight away hooked, however if you’re not keen on them then I suggest you avoid this lip scrub. I’ve used this several times now and I must admit it’s probably my favourite. Obviously, it is just used in the same way as the Pina colada one above. I have found after using this, the application of my lipsticks and glosses is so much better. They just glide on and I’m now rid of any little dry, Chapped spots that I’ve had re-occurring for years. The price of this one is £3.50

Then there’s the two-lip balm’s, firstly Fruits of the Forest. This little pot packs a massive punch of smell and flavour. There are raspberries, blackberries and maybe even coconut in there! It smells divine and tastes just as good. I have been using this in between makeup applications and on No Makeup days just around the house and I must say I’m impressed. If you’re a lip balm fan you’ll love this. The price of this one is £2.50


Then there’s the Pina Colada lip balm and OMG has this got flavour! Now like I said with the lip scrub, if you’re not a fan of Pina Colada then you’re for sure not going to like this as it’s strong. It’s perfect for the summer and don’t forget it is part of the limited-edition range so if you like the sound of it then I’d grab it while you can. The Lip balm range is extremely moisturising, not sticky or gloopy and well worth the money. It also lasts for a really long time on your lips, keeping them hydrated. I am going to continue to use mine until it runs out. The price of this one is £2.99

I think overall the Pura Cosmetics Perfect Pout range is well worth a look, there are so many different options to choose from like your favourite cocktails, Mojito Madness to Prosecco Bubbles, Strawberry Daiquiri and Gin and Tonic just to name a few and all for less than £5.00 that’s a pretty good bargain if you ask me. Not to mention the fact that you’re getting a Cruelty Free, Vegan friendly product made with ALL natural ingredients.
Even though I was sent these products to review it hasn’t influenced my opinions in anyway, I can say genuinely that I will purchase perfect pout in the future as there are so many different flavours I’m now desperate to try!
Love T. x

Purchase now at Pura Cosmetics

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