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NYX Cosmic Metals Eyeshadow Palette

Let’s talk Cosmic…..!

First and foremost I’m sure you all know who NYX are by now and have tried one or two of their products at some point. I know I have, I usually buy Eyeliners,Contour Palettes, Concealers and single Eyeshadows, But I’ve never bought a full Eyeshadow palette from them.
I was so excited to get this one home and see what I could create…..

Before I start I should probably mention that this is my first ‘All’ Glitter Palette (Ever!). I guess I’ve always been a little scared of looking like a bad Christmas decoration, plus the fact that most of them have some pretty hideous colours in there that I’d never wear.
However, this one at first glance seemed pretty versatile and the colour spectrum in it is perfect for Winter looks as well as for paler skin tones.


The palette has six shades consisting of Gold, Plum and Mauve tones all perfect for either creating looks on their own or layering over the top off other shadows. The pigment in each of the shades is unbelievable, but then I wouldn’t expect anything else from NYX.
You only need the littlest amount on your brush and your eyelid is glowing. The shades are so soft and buttery which makes blending a dream. I had no issues with the shadows at all when I used them and with the look created I only used this Palette. I found that they blended seamlessly together with minimum fallout ( massive bonus! ). I’ve often found that when I wear anything glittery on my eyes it gets everywhere. It also can create creases that weren’t even there – I don’t know how!. Well not this time, the eyeshadow hadn’t moved at the end of the day, it still looked great. No extra Creases!

My overall thoughts on this palette? Well if you’ve not guessed it, I love it!
I love the shades, I love quality, I love the pigment and most of all I’m loving the Glitter, Yes you read it right, the Glitter is amazing. It doesn’t make me look like a Christmas decoration gone wrong, it’s actually pretty chic. I would even go as far as to say it’s now one of my favourite palette’s. I definitely think if like me you’re not that keen on glitter, a bit scared of it or frankly just don’t care for it This is where you start. If I can use it and not end up in a mess anyone can! It’s a perfect starter palette and by the looks of it will last for-ev-er.

You can pick this up online or in most larger Boots stores for the price of £8.00 which I think is really reasonable.
I would love to know if any of you have this palette, have you tried it yet? What do you think? Is my assessment enough to make you want it? Let me know your thoughts…….

If you are interested the lipstick in the photo above is also the Nyx Metallic lipsticks, which I will be reviewing here soon!

NYX Cosmic Glitter Palette

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