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Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment…

Heaven for Hair in a Tub!

I guess it’s pretty much confession time for me, Yes, my hair is far from perfect! There you go I said it out loud. After a good few years of colouring my hair and using heat tools on it there comes a point when you must submit to the fact that no matter how careful you are, how much you spend on luxury organic hair products and pay for only the best hairdressers, nature will take over.

I’m always researching and looking for the next best haircare product or heat protectant, shampoo, conditioner you name it I’ve more than likely tried it! But unfortunately, this time nothing was going to help me out of my ‘hair mare’.

I set out on a mission to find my miracle product and started researching other people’s thoughts and views, I find this is the best and quickest way to get the truth. There was a lot of great stuff written about ‘Living Proof’ the brand and it seemed to be a massive favourite with a lot of bloggers out there. Obviously, it had gone right over my head! Anyway, I stumbled across this Treatment Restore Mask that sounded amazing, told me everything I wanted and needed to hear and to top it off I could buy it in a trial size pot of 28g for just £5 instead of the full size 227g for £37. Now I’m not being stingy but when you’ve spent as much money as I have on hair products, used them once or twice and then binned them you start getting more careful.

After a lot of deliberation, putting it in my basket and taking it back out I eventually opted for the trial size of Restore Mask after all ‘Could that many people really all get it wrong?’

As soon as it arrived I was up for just getting it on my hair and seeing if it really did make a difference. The pot was smaller than I was expecting, but then 28g is 28g it just looks small! The packaging is lovely, sleek and excellent quality. There was probably enough for me to do four treatments, (I only have a short bob) enough to know if it works or not. Now if I’m to believe the hype then I will see a massive difference after the first treatment, yeah, it’s THAT good.

So, after tying this out only once and never having used anything from this brand before I’m impressed!. This hair mask is one of the best I’ve used, I didn’t feel as though I needed to keep applying more and more to my hair for it feel coated. About a fifty pence piece was plenty for me and I just left it for about fifteen minutes before washing it off. I followed the instructions and didn’t apply anything afterwards. My hair felt so soft and there was a lot more hydration. This is by far the best mask I’ve used and the only one that I’ve felt put anything back into my hair. I will definitely be buying the bigger tub of this. Yes, it’s more expensive than I would like to spend but it’s a small price to pay if it keeps my hair looking good. If you’re in the market for a Hair Mask and your hair is damaged or even just a little neglected I’d recommend trying this.

You can buy it here: Living Proof Restore Mask

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