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Todays Look……

Makeup Look Today….

Recently I decided I was going to start posting out my daily makeup look along with some of (if not all) the products I’m using to create it. Sometimes there’s even a photograph or a look from a magazine editorial along with the makeup as inspiration for the look.

I wanted to do this to show you where and how I get my inspiration from and what my finished look usually ends up like (generally nothing like the image!). It’s funny I have some days where I wake up and know exactly what I’m going to wear, clothing and makeup and then there’s others where I’m just totally blank! I found this to be a fantastic way to get inspiration on those days.

So, todays base is Iconic London’s Pigment stick in shade 0.1 which is just perfect for warm summer days as with it being a cream stick it’s such a light, easy to blend base which you can use as little or as much as you like just buffing and building as you go. It has amazing staying power even on the warmest of days. I like to add a couple of drops of my Hero Project Glow Drops (oil) onto either my buffing brush or sponge this just helps me to buff the foundation into my skin and adds a little glow to my complexion at the same time.

I don’t tend to use powder on my skin during the warmer months, I apply the lightest dusting just to set my concealer under my eyes and that is literally it!

As for concealer, I like to apply a little Becca under eye brightener before any concealer just to lift any dark circles I might have and then in this case I used the unbeatable concealer by Beauty Pie which gives great coverage both under eye, nose and on my chin area where I have some redness.

Then the rest of the face was all about the new Beauty Pie Pro-Glow Face Sculpting Palette which has as Setting Powder, Contour/Bronzer, Cream Highlighter and Pink Blusher. I used this to lift the contour areas of my face, creating some light structure without too much definition as I didn’t want any harsh lines.


I applied a little of the cream highlight, which is a beautiful light golden shade, to the high points of my face, cupids bow and bridge of my nose to create some glow.

To finish the look, I used the Pink Blusher shade in the palette to create definition in my eyes, mainly focusing on my crease and building up the colour.

To finish I went with the shade Blushy in the Beauty Pie 3D Liquid Lipstick as I felt this was just a nice light pink tone without being too bright or too much to take away from the rest of the look.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I know it’s a little different to my usual ones but I wanted to incorporate a little of my Instagram into my blog, feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments.

T. x

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