img_0083_650Hi guys,

I’m Tracy a thirty seven year old fashion and beauty loving woman, who spends all her free time thinking about, looking at, and basically dreaming about it all!

I have an amazing husband and two teenagers, yep a daughter who is now 18yrs old and at Uni and a son who is 13. They are all very honest and straight to the point when it comes to what they do or don’t like- Especially when it’s on me!

I guess one of the biggest motivations for me finally getting my blog together and finding the courage to launch an Instagram account/YouTube channel was the realisation that it’s now or never, life is too short.

I’ve been living with an autoimmune disease (SLE) for many years now, it was apparently dormant in my system but triggered by the premature birth of my daughter who was born at 25weeks (I was 19years old at the time). The short version of this disease for me, basically means that my body is constantly attacking its own cells. SLE affects everyone differently, for some people it’s their skin, for others it’s quite subtle and can even go quickly into remission, for others like me this is not the case and SLE affects every aspect of my life. As a systemic disease, I am affected by a multitude of symptoms including severe pain, reactions to UVA & UVB lighting all year round, exhaustion, nerve damage (I have very little / no sensation through the entire right side of my body.) to name a few and then there are always the added drug related side effects to contend with including osteoporosis in my lower back and hip, however I’m quite fortunate that in most cases I can make myself look pretty normal, hence my love of makeup and fashion, yep and even shoes…..

As I said, life is too short! The disease means that life for me means to take each day as it comes, one day it could be a wheelchair day the next maybe just using my stick or if I can’t grip my stick I will use my husband or kids. There are maintenance drugs but sadly no cures and the drugs can be quite invasive including immunosuppressant’s, steroids, pain control as well as unlicensed trial drugs (I’m on quite a daily cocktail!)

I know, at this point I’m probably supposed to be thinking about far more life changing things than “I wonder if the new Tarte palette will be available here in the UK?” or “Is that Anastasia Renaissance palette really as amazing as the Bloggers say?” But then I think “why?”

I mean, who makes the rules in the end? I do!

When your day is ruled by something totally out of your control, finding something else to occupy your mind and enjoy is a must.

So how will it work?

When it comes to the items I feature, I choose what I like and what I’d wear, it’s as simple as that.

I won’t ever feature something that I wouldn’t wear or buy myself (Budget allowing!) and I’ll always strive to show products with a range of budgets too. When you have to create a natural look while covering up those little SLE related gremlins you soon figure out what works best.

Beauty will always be Cruelty free, Vegan when possible because that’s my thing, not because I’m preaching.

Makeup and tutorials will always be natural, unless I’m going all out as I want this to be about ‘real life’ looks that we can all think ‘yeah, I can see myself in that’.

And fashion? I will always do my best to find sources of ethical and conscious brands where possible, I’ll never feature fur and always use Vegan Leather! But most of all I just want to have fun, let loose, engage with all of you and hopefully enjoy this journey together.

I hope you like what you see as it’s a true reflection of me…

T x 💋