comment1Have you got a product you would like me to try out, test and review?

Are you looking for an independent and honest voice to showcase your newest or best products?

If you’re only looking for people that will write positive reviews in return for goods, I’m definitely not right for you, but if your happy to announce to the world that you’re so confident in it and don’t mind a bit of genuine feedback then get your products sent directly to me, or if you’d rather lets chat!

everydaygreatskinfoundation001-2When it comes to the items I feature I keep it simple, I choose what I like and what I’d wear, it’s as simple as that. If I like it then I’ll say so.

Either way I’ll say why and offer as much constructive feedback as I can, because that’s what my followers and readers expect of me and the products I discuss.

My Beauty products will always be Cruelty free, Vegan when possible because that’s my thing, not because I’m preaching.

And fashion? I will always do my best to find sources of ethical and conscious brands where possible, I’ll never feature fur and always use Vegan Leather!

I hope you’ll see the benefits of my honesty, just as your prospective customers, those that read my blog do, and I look forward to our future working friendship …

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