Betty Boots by Beyond Skin


The brand is Beyond Skin, have you heard of them? Well I hadn’t until about two months ago, which is when I stumbled across them. It was like opening that gift on your birthday that somehow you hadn’t needed but now you wondered how you coped without it…. You know what I mean? 

This is a UK based company with their factories in Spain, however, they are very much hands on. They control everything right down to

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House of CB London – Vegan Leather Skirt


we get into this, If I told you that this brand was started by a 17year old girl named Conna Walker in her bedroom with a laptop, a few designs (namely the iconic bodycon dress) and a dream. And Since 2010 she has grown this brand to over 1million Instagram followers, not to mention stores in the UK and USA.

The pieces are all designed in-house in London and this is fast becoming

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MATT & NAT – ‘The Sims’ Clutch


I stumbled across this brand when I was looking for a bag a year or so ago, a wee backpack I think it was and up they popped. I loved the concept behind the brand that it’s all about exploring the synergy between MAT(T)ERIAL and NATure and the direct reflection one has on the other- hence the name! They are also

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