I’m a 39 year old Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger based in Glasgow.
I personally believe in only using cruelty free make up and beauty products, but I’m not here to preach or judge!  37125442_520492718408381_8600999956762853376_n

I do have a stronger message when it comes to Beauty and that’s all about Women supporting Women and Men. I think as a community we have forgotten what ‘Real Beauty’ is actually about. We are now sold on this artificial, unachievable picture that means none of us can be, or will ever be satisfied. Which, if you think about it this is great for the companies selling the products but what about us, what about when we realise we don’t quite measure up? Or we’re not 18 or 25 any more with elastic skin? I want to show you that there is another version of Beauty, Your Version. The one you see looking back at you. Hopefully if enough of us start to believe in this we can start to make a change, then the industry has to listen, Doesn’t it?

So if you follow me, read my blog, watch my videos you will get a mixture of Fashion, Skincare and Beauty. All my tutorials will be about helping you look and feel great. Finding products that work best for 40+ Skin because that’s what I have.

But most of all this journey is going to be about Exploring, Laughing, Living and Learning together with probably a few tears along the way!
Please explore my blog and if there is anything you would like to see on here then please just get in touch, I’m always looking for new ideas.


Love T .x.


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