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2020 Christmas Gift Guide

So it’s pretty clear 2020 has been a hell of a year, and if like us your planning on doing all your Christmas shopping online, how can you support quality UK brands or ethical companies?

Well we had the same thought, and so we’ve created a handy list of a few of our recently discovered and favourite places below.

You can also check out our wee Christmas video here too!

Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Pairs Scotland – Traditionally and sustainably made in Britain

Pairs is a Scottish sock brand, specialising in high quality socks made with Sustainable Mohair or Alpaca wool and taking advantage of their unique properties and knitted and hand finished in a traditional British mill by dedicated experts in a traditional mill.  

Alpaca – Everyday & Bed / Slipper socks

Known as the noble fibre, Alpaca is luxurious yet resilient whilst being sumptuously thick and warm.  The strong, breathable fibres of alpaca make these socks the perfect replacement for slippers too, choose the lustrous quality of Pairs colour ways or choose from their undyed range. Perfect for keeping those feet warm through the long winter nights.

Mohair – Everyday socks

Known as the diamond fibre, mohair is luxuriously soft, yet hard wearing, giving exceptional warmth, comfort and longevity – beyond that of cotton, bamboo, merino and even cashmere.

The process from the hills of South Africa to your sock drawer is embedded with integrity at every stage of creation; making these socks an intelligent, slow fashion choice for those looking for an everyday luxury from a naturally renewable resource, whilst also supporting traditional industry in Britain.

Pairs source the finest mohair sustainably from Angora goats in South Africa.  This mohair has unique characteristics enabling their socks to be lightweight, odour free and machine washable at 40 degrees.  The smooth fibres produce a hypoallergenic garment that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

More about Pairs

Founded by two good friends Alice & Anna they have created a beautiful, sustainable and ethical brand and we think they’re a great wee business to support this Christmas.

Choose from their Elegant, Timeless Undyed or natural colour socks that will make any outfit look incredible or choose something for the more vibrant bold side of you, that’s just dyeing to get out & be seen!
Either way they are perfection in every way and so comfy.

I wanted to work with pairs because of their sustainable and ethical values but also because I think as a small business they are an incredible example of what to do right!

Pairs carry a lovely range for both Men & Women- Not to mention the bed socks as worn by me in the gift guide video and photos!

Gifts featured
Grey undyed £20
Brown undyed £20
Cream Alpaca Bed Socks £30
Cream undyed Alpaca Socks £20

Visit Pairs Scotland online shop HERE


I love DR.H and I make no secret about that. I have been using their products for over 20 years and in my opinion they’ve only got better!

DR Haushka are Everything a good skincare brand should be, Organic, Clean, Ethical, Sustainable, Cruelty Free & Vegan. They are obsessed with quality and have been manufacturing on the same Swabian site for over 50 years, using methods that are still largely manual.

DR Haushka say they are a Foundation and have no need to think about shareholders. It needs only to respect itself, civil society and the natural environment.

There’s NO Mineral Oils, Silicone, PEGS or Synthetic Preservatives added to their products so you know your always avoiding those products throughout their range, their products are actually made of 100% raw natural ingredients so you know your getting the essentials for both you and our environment.

Click here to find out more about DR H and how they do things better.

I wanted to feature DR Haushka because I am yet to find a product I don’t like or that my skin has had a problem with.

Their gift sets are really beautiful & pricing isn’t too steep either, they also have a beautiful makeup range alongside the skincare which I find is perfect for older skin like mine.

Gifts featured
Daily Companions £20.00

Pamper Time £30.00

Radiant Rose £30.50

Visit Dr Haushka Here


Douvalls is a small family run business here in the UK who’s products I’ve used regularly for years now. They are all about keeping the skin in its best condition, looking fresh, youthful and glowing.

Their products and ingredients are all sourced Sustainably and ethically and I love the simplicity of their packaging and how you can recycle all their bottles.

I love it when a brand thinks about everything from products to the packaging they sell them in.

The gift we chose for this article was The festive Argentina Tribe Set.

This is a great gift set and contains an Athan Hand Poured Soya Wax Skincare Candle and a Cold Pressed soap with Frankincense & Orange.
The candle is incredible, once lit you can use the warmed oils as a warm massage oil to treat the skin and the soap is the ultimate in luxury body cleansing.

Gifts featured

The Festive Argentina Tribe Set – Candle/soap giftset £42

Visit Douvalls Here

Finnieston Clothing

Finnieston are a brand new Scottish business & I new straight away I wanted to support them, because they are keeping the rich history of the Clyde’s Shipbuilding days alive through their clothing.

By talking, spending time and involving some of the old workers from those shipbuilding days, they’ve been able to recreate colour, designs, logo’s and artwork all to weave into their garments to ensure none of our past ever gets forgotten, while also creating a fantastic range that fits the present beautifully.

Finnieston are also ensuring they use Sustainable technologies and Organic materials to minimise their environmental impact where possible too, so that’s another tick in the box for us.
This is a really exciting brand and I cant wait to watch them grow!

Gifts featured

Fairfield Scarf £30.00

Clyde Beanie – £35.00

Visit Finnieston HERE

Stories Parfums

I think we all know I love Stories by now, this isn’t just a Parfum brand, this is a One woman Empire that stemmed from a need to create, which I can totally relate to and I love supporting and you can see the detail in everything they do.
But more than that, the scents are absolutely beautiful, Its like an emotional connection when you first spray this Parfum or in their words “A niche fragrance range that weaves a narrative from mislaid memories, childhood dreams and long-forgotten hope; STORIES Parfums® is a pilgrimage for the senses.”

Stories have kept things simple, to start with there’s only two scents to choose from and both are Unique, they’re are absolute luxury and completely handcrafted by Tonya herself.

Each scent comes in a full range of bottle options including a small refill bottle which is perfect for your bag and a Hand and body lotion in the same scents to give you the full experience.

Gift featured

Stories number 1 150ml

Visit Stories Parfums Here


Inka is a online Ethical store celebrating Fearless Female Creators where they can showcase their incredible designs and you can shop till you drop! ( virtually of course)

Its a fairly new online space, but it already has lots of great brands to choose from and some really gorgeous designs too.

The whole ethos behind this platform is to celebrate solely female creators and service providers, with a focus on small sustainable business owners and independent shop owners.

Gifts featured
Morning Ritual
Beautiful Scented Body Oil + Journal + Snug Mug

Visit INKA here


Handbags with kindness at the core. STORY started with a mindful objective: to offer kinder alternatives to leather bags, while staying true to timeless, contemporary style.

I love this brand! Story81 is where I bought my first vegan handbag and I fell in love there and then.

They’re such an incredible brand, all about offering contemporary, vegan bags at high street prices. I love their inclusivity and their designs are timeless.

Story81 are strongly committed to animal welfare and all bags are PETA approved. In the end, they believe that Animals don’t have to be harmed for style and they certainly produce great items to show this can be true.

They’re also conscious of waste too and so they only stock designs in limited quantities, using only the highest quality materials and craftsmen in the UK, Europe and Asia, to keep waste as low as possible while providing a quality to last.

Whatever you buy from Story81, each piece is made with integrity and kindness and will make a great gift for that special someone.

Gift featured

PIA vegan handbag £85

Visit Story81 Here

Trove & Co

PROUDLY UNREPEATABLE DESIGNS – It’s imperative to Trove & Co that they never repeat a design & adore combining their hand-picked findings to curate entirely unique pieces.

This is one of my most exciting discoveries this Christmas! Bea is not only the loveliest person you will ever talk too, she is also incredibly talented, smart and humble too.

Once I got chatting with her I found I could just keep going, this is a magical place, where dreams come true. The kind of place where you can get that special little something for the one you love or just treat yourself.

What is it? What does she do your asking?!

Bea takes Vintage, Designer buttons and Logos out of broaches and bracelets to clean them up and re-purpose them as beautiful necklaces & earrings.

Its important to note here that Bea has them authenticated first to ensure you are getting the real deal.

Honestly this just blows my mind, I could never afford pieces like this, and I know many other people couldn’t either, but to have these pieces re purposed to create something new from something old is perfect and makes such a personal gift too.

What Beau does is so much bigger than just make a necklace or a pair of earrings, she is preserving history, adding to the story and continuing the journey of that vintage piece, and I for one am extremely grateful to be part of my sets journey.

Gifts featured

Gift – chanel Earrings £45+
Dior necklace £50+

Visit Trove & Co Here


Designed as an at-home mini facial, Radiance Ritual is a weekly glow mask containing a potent blend of glycolic and salicylic acids to exfoliate and hydrate your skin, leaving it glowy and radiant.

Luneia has been my favourite masks from the minute it launched and that says a lot because I’m not big on masking. Yes I said it.. not sure why, most just don’t do much for me.

This one however is different, all the juicy ingredients of Squalane, Prickly Pear, Glycerin, Sunflower Seed Oil & many more to make my skin look & feel incredible.
The packaging is also a massive selling point for me as its made from 50% recycled bottles and reclaimed ocean plastic so all you have yo do when finished is rinse & recycle.

Its Fragrance free, Cruelty free, Clean skincare at its best!

Gifts featured

Luxury Beauty Care parcel £ 50.00
Radiance Ritual 75ml £40

Visit Luneia Here

Nearly New Cashmere Co

The home of rescued, repaired and restored 100% pure cashmere in the Yorkshire Dales. Shop serendipitously for one-of-a-kind jumpers and cardigans to unique tops and dresses.

This is an incredible business founded by Ali who has a passion for 100% cashmere and vintage silk scarves but really hated waste.

Finding salvageable cashmere that was facing landfill and rescuing it to re-purpurose and give it a new life, Nearly New Cashmere & Co was created.

Ali is on a mission to make what is a luxurious fabric affordable for everyone while reducing waste and we think she’s doing a fantastic job. There’s no way I could afford anything cashmere right now, and this type of recycling is what sustainability is all about and it makes shopping for unique presents affordable too.

Gift featured

Grey cashmere gloves £24.00

Visit Nearly New Cashmere Co Here

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