If you know anything about me then it’s that I’m on a constant journey to improve my skin, So when Silk’n reached out to me about testing and reviewing one of their most popular skincare products How could I refuse?
There did of course have to be a few ground rules as this was not going to be a quick review. With a device like the Facetite your not going to see results immediately, no this was going to have to be done over at least two or three months. This way I can really see if there is any real changes to the current lines and wrinkles on my face.

At the time of writing this I am still currently reviewing the Facetite, I have been using it now for about three weeks, twice a week. It has five levels of heat intensity. You start off on the lowest and soon find out which you are most comfortable at, I think because I find it so relaxing I have graduated quickly to level four. I tend to use it when I am sitting in front of the TV at night when I know I’ll be in the one place for at least an hour or so and I can just plug in. The serum that you apply before using the Facetite is much like a gel, quite thick and clear. I find that you don’t need a lot and it lasts a fair while but once it starts to dry out you do notice that the Facetite isn’t making the same connection to the skin and its time to re-apply.

Now I know your wondering, How exactly does this device work? Whats the magic that’s going to get rid of my wrinkles?
Well it all comes from Three different energy sources Bi-Polar RF Energy, LED Light Energy and IR Heat Energy. These three energy’s combined can reach and provide heat to all our cell layers, From the Epidermis to the underlying Fat layer. It’s the heat that then stimulates the contraction of fibers in the skin complex. So by you using the Facetite for the recommended time twice weekly you are stimulating those areas and in turn bringing back the elasticity and ‘Bounce’ to the skin. This is what gives it the more youthful glow and look. It’s helping your own collagen and elastin fibers every time you use the Facetite which helps to tighten and lift the skin, in turn helping with any current signs of ageing. Well this is the hope!
The genius thing about it is, there’s No needles, No swelling, No Down-time and No Pain!

I will be taking pictures During this process so you can see my skin ( in it’s full naked glory!) which I think is the best and fairest way for us to judge if the Facetite is making any kind of difference to my lines or wrinkles. I won’t of course be editing these images so please be kind! I have taken some initial photos of my face on my phone camera and added them at the bottom of the page, I will however be adding much more detailed pics over the coming weeks to keep you updated.

OK, that’s me then. For the next 9 weeks I will twice weekly enjoying my wee hour of relaxation and hoping I’m getting visibly younger, Here’s hoping…..

See you on the other side in 9 weeks!

I will pop a link below to the Silk’n website so you can find out all the details in full about the Facetite and any of their other devices.

The Facetite Retails at Β£177.00
Silk’n Website

*** This is a gifted ( non paid ) Review and will of course be completely independent.