I wouldn’t say I was a sceptical person, I would just say I was cautious. I’m the kind of person that likes to see results before making a judgement. I love my facts and figures! 

So when I was offered the LQLiquid Health Skin, Nail and Hair daily supplement range to review I decided to give it a fair go before making any judgements.

I have had some major Hair and Nail problems recently so I thought this would be a fantastic time to test this supplement out, after all if I’m going to see any results it’s going to be now!

I received a 10 day course of the 50ml Daily bottles to take and I was so desperate to see if it was going to help I started straight away. Now I know what you’re thinking, Of course I was dreading the smell, because let’s be honest as soon as you read ‘Marine Collagen’ aka Fish you know what’s coming. Yep! I was pretty much spot on, the smell wasn’t too bad I could cope.

The taste was more of an overpowering passionfruit flavour, you did have the slight twang of Fish oil and grape but nothing excessive. The consistency is pretty thick, like a milkshake but easy to drink. I have to say I didn’t find it difficult to drink or stomach in any way, one tip I do have is drink it cold, take it down all at once. Don’t try and sip it.

I noticed that after five or six days my nails were definitely feeling a lot stronger, they are usually paper thin due to my illness. The cuticles are showing more and look whiter, there’s also a lot less flexing in the tips.

My hair is slightly trickier, I think this will have to be a longer term review as my hair is in a very complex place right now. I have had severe hair loss due to my illness and treatment, now it is growing back but still at a very sensitive stage. I think this could be really good for it as it has Vitamin B7 and Resveratrol in it which aid in natural hair growth, but I wouldn’t want to comment on this as yet until I’ve given it a longer review period. I will say though it certainly hasn’t done it any damage.

As for my skin, I would love to think that the collagen and Vitamin C were already making me look 10 years younger! However, I know this is not the case. I do think though that it’s definitely added more moisture into my skin. It doesn’t feel quite so dry and needy when I wake first think in the morning. My ‘pillow face’ isn’t quite as squished. I do believe that with long term, daily use of the supplements the benefits would be huge. I think as well the nice thing for our skincare is that we are not having to add another three or four products into our morning or nightly routine, nope! These little beauties are all within this one shake that we gulp down in the morning.

Overall my experience with the LQLiquid Health Skin,Hair and Nail Supplement has been positive and Yes I am genuinely surprised because I’m not usually a supplement kind of girl but if you love your skincare and you are looking for a great All Rounder then this is definitely worth a try.

The only thing I will mention is that the cost is £59.98 for 30 days supply, you can get a further 10% off that when you sign up. This is on the more expensive side of the scale for Skincare/Supplements so you have to decide if it fits in your budget. I think for me, I couldn’t justify spending this amount right now on just 30 days supply but if a cheaper offer came up I’d definitley buy it.

LQLiquid Health

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