I think this is infact a very important topic that may split a lot of friendships up.

Yes I am talking about the new Express Gel Polish from Sensationail. Now I know some of you will be thinking ‘Isn’t it just the same as the Gel Polish?’ Actually No it isn’t.
The colour I am using is Papa Don’t Peach, which C’mon how could you not love the name.
This gorgeous little bottle comes locked and loaded ready to apply straight to your nails.
Their is no messing about with Priming, Base Coat or the need for a seperate Top Coat.
Now I’m going to be straight up with you,the first time I applied this I did ALL of the above and, well lets just say it was messy! The nails did not cure. They were a bit like those muffins that have that gorgeous crispy hard shell but underneath is still runny. However I persevered and I tried again. This time I actually read the instructions (DUH!) and realised that they really were Express, yep thats because the primer and top coat is actually in the varnish itself!
Wow, what a difference this time round! Not only did it cure straight away it was really pigmented in tone. Normally some of these lighter Nude varnishes can be pretty Wishy Washy but this really packs a punch.
Now the first coat was still a little pale but I would always put two coats on anyway, just because I love the shine and finish it gives. After the second coat you get this gorgeous, rich, glossy varnish that for me looks exactly the same as any salon manicure!
There was no lumpy or flaky fragments that you sometimes find in these Varnishes and it didn’t thicken up or go gloopy after being open for a little while.
I also found that the smell wasn’t as strong with the Express Gels. I’m not really sure why but the Gel Polishes can be pretty intense sometimes.
I would say that I saved around 35 minutes overall using the Express Gel. Which for me, having a lot to get done is a massive time saving. Now I am aware that there are alot of people that would still say “I only get my nails done professionally” but One, It’s time for me and Two, Cost.
Its £10 for the bottle of Express Gel and that will give me several coats. On the other hand, It’s going to cost me in the region of £25 to go and get them done in a salon, never mind the fact that I would have to find a decent Nail Technician. Which lets be honest it isn’t as easy as it sounds, there are so many of them!

I would definitely recommend checking these out, even if it’s just as a fill in option between your usual Nail Salon visits because I genuinely think you’ll soon be a convert just like me!

If you don’t have a kit with the Lamp and the other bits and bobs then you can pick one up online at the Sensationail website. Right now they are going for as little as £49.99 (which is still only a couple of Salon visits) You even have a choice of different kits too so check them out.


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