How Old Is Too Old….

We know that most blogger/vlogger’s are a lot younger than me, I’m a late starter at this. At 38 I’ve come into this, I guess you could say, knowing what I like. I have a very clear plan of what I want to achieve and how I’m going to go about it. There are just a couple of little niggles that have been growing lately and I feel like I need to say something…….

The Beauty Industry for some time now has been bugging me. It has a specific way in which it likes to show, advertise and sell it’s products to us, especially my age group (38+). We are definitely prime candidates for the ‘Anti-Ageing’ products that are being sold by just about everybody now and hey, don’t get me wrong I love an anti-ageing product just as much as the next woman, I must do, I’ve bought plenty!Β No it’s not the product, or even really if it works or not because that’s for us to determine, No it’s far simpler than this.

When was the last time you saw a brand advertising one of their ‘Anti-ageing’ products or ‘Youth Boosting’ foundations on a woman or man of the appropriate age? You know the age it says on the packaging?

Just think about the Dove Ad. ‘Real women Real Bodies.’ now for me that has a far bigger impact seeing a product being used on someone who I can actually relate to, who does have flaws like me, lumps, bumps and everything else that goes with womanhood!

It gets pretty tiring seeing lots of air brushed images of women showing off so called ‘Anti-Ageing’ Products or ‘Skin Firming & Plumping’ creams, moisturizers, foundations etc when they’re either under 25 years old, have Botox and have been heavily air brushed!

Please don’t get me wrong, each to their own, I don’t have anything against Botox, that’s a personal preference and I would never judge anyone. This article is not about that. Just like I have nothing against 25 year olds! but if your selling a product suitable for 35 years+ then you need your models wearing it to be of an appropriate age surely…….?

I want to see if it covers the ‘Smile Lines’ and smooths out the ‘Crows Feet’ or does it really leave your skin looking plumper and looking younger? Show me! I’m hungry for this, can’t you tell.

As for Air Brushing images, well I think this is always going to be a difficult one in the beauty industry, I totally understand the need for a great AD campaign photo or covershot, but you don’t have to go to the extremes, completely changing the look of the original image to the point where even the model doesn’t recognize the photo ( Think Grazia Lupita Nyong’o).

Why couldn’t there be a change? just look at the modelling industry. If you’d said 5 years ago that catwalks in Italy, Paris, New York and London would be banning models under a size 2 and the age of 16, we would probablyΒ  have choked on our mocha’s! So maybe anythings possible…

In 2018 let’s start a campaign. Start a revolution and challenge the beauty industry to put their money where their mouth is, and start using ‘Real People for Real Beauty’ campaigns. This is so important for everyone, for body positivity, mental health and our younger generations growing up. This is such an important message and i really hope you can help me spread the message.

If you believe in this, and would like me to, I will start a petition. Comment below and let’s see if we can make a real change within the industry.

Love T. x

***Photo of me at the top has not be touched up or altered in any way, you can see every pore if you look close enough!