If you read my blog or know anything about me then you’ll be aware that I’m cruelty free through and through. I’m constantly looking for new products with better ingredients. There are so many ‘fake’ ingredients out there being put into all our daily products. Currently a huge one for me is microbeads, this is one of the biggest threats to our eco-system right now as well as the usual suspects such as parabens, phthalates, palm, mineral oil etc.

There are a lot of great cruelty free or vegan products out there currently doing an amazing job but none of them have ticked all the boxes so far for me until Soaper Duper. I stumbled across this brand through my love of Beauty Pie (Online Exclusive Makeup Membership Service) as they have the same Founder and Advisor Marcia Kilgore. Obviously once I started reading about their ethics as a company, only using ‘Real’ ingredients, using recycled plastic packaging and no hidden nasties with a completely open-door policy on everything they put in their products I was blown away. Then you learn that there’s more. Not being satisfied with creating a truly unique, clean product they are also giving back in the form of Water Aid and Clean The World.  I’m beginning to think at least if I don’t particularly like the products I’m going to feel pretty dam good about buying them!

Ok, so being that I live in a small place I only have access to a select few products, this being the case got my hands on two of the Body wash range, The Rich and Creamy Shea Butter and Zesty Lemon.

Firstly, I must say being a woman who now lives in an all man household (teenage son and husband) as my daughter abandoned me when leaving for the bright lights of Uni, it’s pretty difficulty to get what I’d class as a ‘universal’ body wash that’s good for all of us. Usually they are too flowery or too sweet so I end up buying about twelve different kinds of wash to suit everyone! (ok I’m exaggerating slightly but you get what I Untitled-6mean….) However, with the Lemon the scents within it are light and uplifting without being overpowering and in your face. This is my son’s favourite for sure. If you have a sleepy morning when you need something to just perk you up and get your senses awake the Zesty Lemon will do the trick, I love it! They Love it, We all Love It!

The Creamy Shea Butter for me has more of a luxurious feel to it. I like to relax in a long Untitled-7bath and this is my go to now. Its scent is light with a slight sweet smell but nothing overpowering and there is definite Vanilla in there which I am a complete sucker for, I like though that it doesn’t overtake the other scents as it can be quite a difficult balance to get right. I would say with this one, we are all loving this just as much but using it in different ways. I’m using it in the bath and the boys are using it for more of a relaxing shower later in the evenings.

There’s one thing for sure, with both products you are left with soft, hydrated and moisturised skin which for me is everything you want from a Body wash. You also need very little product to get a good lather on your skin, which means you are going to get a lot for your money. They come in 500ml bottles and the range is constantly expanding. I cannot wait to see what comes next from this brand and can’t wait to get my hands on some more products! I just need to travel a bit further afield to get a better choice…….

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