Another Piece of the (Beauty) Pie……….

New Jewel Eyeshadow Palette

I was extremely lucky to have this eyeshadow palette sent out to me a week or so ago from Beauty Pie. It was sent as a bit of a thank you along with a few other items. The thing is I was going to order it as soon as it was available, so you could say they read my mind.  

This gorgeous little number comes as a Ten-piece eyeshadow collection wrapped up in the usual sleek black packaging with the white Beauty Pie name across the front of it. I think I made it clear in my last review of this brand that I love the packaging, it just say’s luxury to me. It’s a brand where you feel good about using the products from the minute you start browsing the pages of the site, to them arriving beautifully wrapped on your doorstep! Just in case I didn’t mention it in my last review they use a company called Earthinks for all their Package Printing (link on their site) and all the product packaging is made from 95% recycled plastics.

Right lets get back to the eyeshadow. On the back of the palette case there are the names of each shade for you which is always a nice touch. It’s obvious why this is part of their ‘Festival of Colours’ range, whoever picked the shades for this collection has got it ‘on the money’. The colours are so rich and pigmented with a slight shimmer and a gorgeous buttery texture. There is literally no


fallout from them either which is a massive bonus, especially considering the colour spectrum. You will see evidence of this on my latest YouTube video which features this palette (four looks in 10minutes). I’ve already got my full face on before I do my eyes FOUR times in the video and not once did I have to retouch my face, pretty good No?!

The colours are so blend able, there’s just no effort required. You can so easily take them from a natural Day look to a smoky Night one with just a couple of touches. Not to mention it’s so compact and perfect for travelling with.

The only negative or critique I guess I have is that this palette would be even better with a brush built in. If it had a wee double ended fluffy brush like the Anastasia Beverley Hills renaissance palette that would just be the icing on the cake!

 I also love that it’s taken me out of my comfort zone a little, because for me I probably wouldn’t have been bold enough to put some of the colours together and wear them as a ‘look’ had I not seen them all side by side in this palette. I feel that this will be a summer favourite of mine now.

So, for the interesting bit, the cost… Its membership price is £7.26 or full price £35.00. Obviously I’ve paid membership price because for me it’s a no brainer, even with the £10 monthly fee it’s still a great deal! However, I’ve paid £40 for eye palettes before and the quality of this one matches up to them every day of the week. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is Don’t miss out, you’ll regret it!

T. x

Check out Beauty Pie now – Take a Piece of The Pie!

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    1. This is an amazing little palette Meg & the quality is unbelievable for the price! It’s funny I’m usually a bit of a neutral girl but this palette has allowed me to experiment a little and I’m now converted, the Red, Bronze, Purple/Blue shades are all some of my favourites now. Plus it’s handbag size! Love it T. x


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