My First Glitter Experience……….

I decided it was time for me to be brave and embrace the world of glitter. I have seen so many amazing photographs and eye designs on Instagram and Twitter recently I really wanted to give it a shot!

My first mission was to find a descent glitter supplier, Cruelty Free of course. I have been following someone on twitter for a while called……..

Certifeye so I thought I’d check out their range and see what kind of options they had. Well that was a mistake straight away! I wasn’t quite prepared for the abundance of glittery delights they would have in store, not only that a whole range of stunning false eyelashes and brushes………HELP!

Anyway, after about an hour of debating which two colours to buy (that’s not an exaggeration) I decide to have a wee peak at the lashes, there is literally every kind of lash you can imagine. I spot these little wispy ones called ‘Lovestruck’ that look like they might be perfect for me. The info on them actually says that they are made especially for smaller eyes. With me having slightly hooded eyes It’s really difficult with false lashes to find a pair that don’t take over your whole eye look.Certifeye-1

In the end, I decided for the First Look Video I would buy the Rose Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter and the Lovestruck lashes. It would have been so easy to buy so many more products but I restrained myself………This time.


In the video, you can see that I have already done my full face, it’s just my eyes left, this is purely because the video was about Certifeye. The only other products I’m using on my eyes is the PUR Love Your Selfie2 palette for creating the illusion of a cut crease and an old black kohl liner.

You will see that for the first time having ever applied glitter on my face, especially my eyelids, this was good. The quality of the products is stunning, they feel far more luxurious than their £5 (glitter) and £12 (Lashes) price tags. I also love the fact that the company is cruelty free which just makes it even more appealing for me.

I hope you enjoy watching the video and don’t forget to go and like it on youtube  and subscribe for the next one………💋

If you want to check them out for yourself just click on this link: