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I decided it was time to switch up my skincare routine and rather than just using the same old  moisturising products that I’ve been using (and loving) for several years now, I should really give a few other brands a chance to impress me. I guess it’s like Marrying the first guy you date, how do you know if he is truly the right match if you don’t try and date any others…?

You don’t, do you. You’ve got to do the same with products even if sometimes you’ve found something you truly love, because you never know there might just be something else out there that suits you better or you might just find out that you were right all along and go back to that original product that you were using in the first place.

So now you know why I decided to write this piece and change my routine, I will get on with telling you all about it……

I thought it might be nice after using high end products (that cost around £40-£45 for a moisturiser) to try and find something more affordable, so that was my first on my list. I also wanted it to be accessible to most people. Then my final and most important condition of all was that I wanted an all singing , all dancing ‘Miracle cream’ you know the ones I mean. It had to have all the good stuff in it that was going to take my skin back to being 15 again! Ok, maybe not 15, but I’m nearing 40 now and I am starting to get those age signs coming in. If your over 35 then you’ll know the ones I mean- Laughter lines/ Smile lines and fine lines around my eyes. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not worried about getting old and I’m not considering Botox (I couldn’t anyway because of medication) it’s just not for me, but I do want to help myself as much as and as naturally as possible.

I know there’s lots of great natural properties out there that promise great things when it comes to turning back the time on your skin and giving you the creamandlid‘Elixir of life’, but I’m not buying it. There is one though that I do trust and know for a fact that does help and make a difference and that hyaluronic Acid. So I looked for this during my quest and anything else natural, preferably suitable for vegetarians and Vegans.

I found a three step system whereby you have a Serum, Day Nourishing Day Cream and Nourishing Night Cream (They also had other products such as Eye Cream, Lip Plumper, Micellar Water, Makeup Wipes etc.) Now I should mention here a very important part of this skincare line, it works in that you choose which age range/damage you think your skin falls in to;

Skin Phase 1 = 20s – 30s 

Skin Phase 2 = from late 30’s

Skin Phase 3 = from late 40’s

Skin Phase 4 = late 50 – 60’s and beyond

I purchased my new skincare in the phase I thought suited my skin- (3 & 4) and headed home quite excited to get started. Do you get that, you know that feeling when you’ve just bought something new to try out and you want to get home to get it on and try it? I love that feeling!

I should also say that I loved the packaging, It was simple, bright, Clear and not too fussy. It told me very clearly what was in my products and explained each Ingredient in depth rather than trying to baffle me with science!

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 This smooths wrinkles from within, stimulates collagen.

Spanish Needle Extract- Retinol like botanical, improves radiance, texture & restores firmness

Plantain Stem Cells – Fades effects of skin ageing

Hyaluronic Acid- Long lasting moisturisation

Niaciamide – Vitamin B3 brightens skin

The jars and bottle were nicely packaged too, the night one was pink whereas the day one is white so you clearly know the difference. The serum is a pump bottle which is easy to use and is also in the white packaging.

Ok so now for my thoughts on the packaging, what about the results….

Well I have sensitive skin so this was the first thing I was concerned about and it didn’t cause me a single problem thankfully. No rashes, itching or redness, I followed the routine exactly as It told me, serum first before the day moisturiser and again before the night moisturiser. The serum itself is just a clear, cream like consistency and you need a small pea sized amount for the whole of your face and neck. This goes on and spreads so nicely, it’s hydrating and firming all at the same time but there’s no tingling sensation which I don’t like anyway.applying2

Then I go in with the moisturiser, this is a large pot of quite thick, white cream. It’s obviously up to you how much you use but I have felt quite dry so I’ve been putting several dots all over my face (see pics) and just spreading it thinly (see in video).

When you start to rub it in you can feel your skin start to almost drink it in. It becomes so smooth, firm and tightening but again there is absolutely no tingling or pulling sensation. It’s so funny because I’ve tried so many of these creams and this one is probably the cheapest, the best value and so far from what I can tell it’s given me the best results. I have been using it as a primer for my foundation too and it’s been working fantastically well, I love it for this. But I think the biggest question is has it been the ‘Miracle cream’ I was looking for? Well, it says that within 4weeks you will see a difference and to be fair I’ve only been using it for just over 3weeks so I’ve got to take that into consideration but I personally do think it has helped my lines, obviously, it hasn’t eradicated them but it’s feels as though they’ve been smoothed out a little. It has filled them out and made them feel less obvious to me when my face is at rest and therefore I don’t feel quite so self-conscious which I think is just as important. I’d love it if you’d watch the video and let me know what you think, does it look like it makes a difference so far?

This is going to be a running blog post, so I will do a quick update & video with results in another 2-3weeks or so and let’s see if there’s any further results……

225474915012202_origI will tell you now that the Moisturisers and the Serum are all from Superdrug, here in the UK. Both the moisturisers come in at £6.19 ( as of today) and the Serum is £7.19  (as of today) so you can get all 3 for less than £20 that’s less than half of my previous moisturiser cost on its own.

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