Natural Glow

From Rough to Radiant in 20 minutes!

I thought I would write this blog piece to go along with the recent YouTube video I have just posted out. (You can also view at the bottom of this page.)

I have given it this title because, well you’ll see if you go and watch the beginning of the video……

Now I am not a makeup artist, and I’m not proclaiming to be one, or even that I can even teach you weird and magical ways of putting your makeup on that you didn’t already know! This video for me, is just about sharing with you that magic and power of Makeup, it’s that simple. 

I have obviously started the tutorial with my Brows already done, now there’s a couple of reasons for this. One is that my brows are horrendous and it takes me a long time to get them anywhere near looking like they do, second and I feel most importantly we don’t know each other well enough yet. I mean in dating terms, we’ve only been for a couple of drinks. Let’s wait until we’ve had a few meals and I know there’s a connection I can trust, then you can see my brows in all their glory!

Now when it comes to makeup my ethos has always been keep it as close to natural as possible, even when your piling it on and it’s quite clearly not even your skin anymore, blend it out until it starts to look like it is! I have a strange thought that goes with this and it’s like this, When I was to meet my future husband there was no way I was going to look so different that it meant getting up 45minutes every morning before him to put my face on or else he’d think there was an intruder in the house! So far, it’s worked for me.

Now back to the tutorial, I obviously start with base, I’ve already moisturised and now I’m just using a few sprays of Smashbox Photo Finish Prime Water which is so light on your skin but really hydrating.

Then onto my base which is Too Faced Born This Way in Light Beige. I brush this on with the Real Techniques foundation brush to get coverage which looks pretty much like I’ve been made over by an “Umpa Lumpa” (worth watching just for this bit!) and then push it into the skin with their miracle sponge. This is the most time consuming for me as the base must be flawlessly blended, especially as I’m so fair. I then use some of the PerriconeMD No Concealer Concealer in Fair/Light. This product is fantastic, it literally blends with you skin tone to cover and shade whatever spots or blemishes you need to cover. (I will be doing a full video on the Perricone Brand only at a later date.) I buff the concealer in with the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush which I am loving right now, such a versatile and amazing brush!

For my eyes, I am using the NudeTude palette by The Balm and it’s a stunning selection of shimmer and matt shades. I’ve just taken the shade Sassy on my flat 130 BH Cosmetics brush run it along the highlight area of my eye underneath the brown then I’ve popped a little into the lid corners on each eye. Then I’m taking the Sleek Cosmetics Highlighting Palette Solstice, with shade Ecliptic on my finger just placing the colour onto both lids concentrating mostly on the inner areas and not minding if it goes down slightly onto the inner corners of the eyes. Then we take shade Sultry (same palette all the way through) on my new Eco Tools, double ended brush, using the pencil shade end and just dab the colour building it up onto the lid. Once blended on both eyes I go into the shade Sleek on the same brush and add the colour the outer edge corners of each eye and blend the shades together, making sure there is still enough to see the differing tones. Then get your Sleek palette, take some of the Subsolar shade on your finger and dab it onto the centre of each lid to create so glow/highlight. I like to add a gentle hint of Nyx Milk along my inner lash line/Waterline just to brighten it a little.

Now it’s time to do the lashes, Curl for a second or so and then I’ve used the All in One Natural Mascara from PHB that I’ve been reviewing, make sure the lashes aren’t too heavy as it’s a natural look, but separated.

I’ve now gone back to my skin, so I will start with my under-eye area and chin, not too much for today. I’m using Naked Skin from Urban Decay in Fair and just placing a few spots under my eyes and on the chin and then blend it out with my sponge. One of my favourite products comes out now and yes another from Beauty Pie but it’s stunning, the Triple Beauty Luminizer in Golden Whirl. I use this sparingly by pushing it into the skin gently around my cheekbones and temples.

Now I use my Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder to set it but pressing it onto my sponge and pushing it gently into the skin just in the areas needed.

Now for the good stuff, Highlight and glow, with the new shade of Supernova – Moonlighting Balm from Beauty Pie and I’ve used this onto my cheeks and then up my temples just touching my forehead- Draping basically, I did this as I wasn’t contouring and it just gives a softer look, to brighten this I’m just lifting it with a pop of Nars Orgasm on the apples of my cheeks. Then I jump in with my favourite highlighter of the moment Pro-Glo Highlighter in Cosmic Shine (Beauty Pie) and dust it across my cheekbones and up the sides of my temples lightly until I’m happy with the glow!

Now I take my large Brush and some more One Powder Wonder and dust it over my face just to set it all in place.

Once I’m about finished I go back to my original eye brush without putting anymore product onto it and just run the thin brush without shadows on it along and under the eyeline to create shade and definition.

Now the lips…. I’ve chose a natural liner from MUA in shade Caramel Nougat and the lip-gloss is from The Balm Collection in shade Committed.

If you are interested in the products for my eyebrows, I used High Definition Eye & Brow palette in shade 002- Foxy and my trusty Eyeko felt pen in Fair/Light to create definition. I then used ELF clean mascara waterproof gel as a topcoat to set them it’s amazing and has the staying power of Your mum on your first date!

Now I know it seems like I’ve favoured some products over others but I can promise you that every video or review that I do, the products are not sponsored in any way. This is all bought by myself, I think that’s important so I can give you a totally impartial view.

I hope you have enjoyed the look, please watch the video (below) and let me know what you think, but please don’t just click off without subscribing as I will be adding many more soon.

If there’s anything you’d like to see just let me know……

T. x